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  1. Anyone know what model of Washburn this is?

    I know its a Washburn, and the head says "P10" but i cant find any models of Washburn basses even similar to it.

    (Forgive me if the pictures don't work, I'm new :bag: )



    Closest I've found is the "Paul Stanley Signiture" series of electric guitars, but no bass guitars.

  2. grendle


    Mar 4, 2011
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    Looks like a paul Stanley bass. Never seen a bass though. Looks cool I think.
  3. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    Body shape is consistent with the Washburn Paul Stanley series, but I've never seen a bass version. Is the neck one piece or bolt on? A closer look at the front will also help, perhaps it's a custom conversion of the guitar body to a Washburn bass neck. Bass bridge, pickups added and then refinished. The model "P10" doesn't show up in the Washburn line. Paul Stanley models are "PS" by Washburn. Ibanez of course has iceman bass guitars but that's not what this is.
  4. I cant find my digital camera at the moment, once I do I'll upload better photos. These were taken with my laptops built in camera, which was surprisingly difficult.

    The neck is bolted onto the body. It would kind of make sense that its bass neck on a guitar body, because where the strap is set up to go its quite unbalanced. the neck is always taking a nose dive
  5. Looking at the iceman bass guitars now, pretty close to the same body but no point at the bottom and the cutaway on the upper side of the neck that the iceman's dont have . The picture doesnt show it very well but it has a creamy white trim around it that some of the black icemans have, the knob placement is almost exact. same with the bridge style. The pickups are different, slimmer.

    hmm, maybe a cheap ibanez iceman body imitation with a washburn neck..
  6. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    Not an Ibanez Iceman body but it looks to be the older Washburn Paul Stanley guitar body. Even the knob placement is the same. Neck is probably from a different Washburn bass, repainted and a Washburn decal put on it (From what I've seen, Washburn logos on basses with this particular headstock was not placed that way in your pic, the logo was to the right of the truss rod cover in the middle of the headstock). The guitar in this pic is the Washburn paul Stanley model body I'm thinking of.
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    Hi Zeebs_23,

    I don't think it's a kind of Frankenbass, it's surely a true Washburn bass even if I never saw record of this model. The better probability is that's a pre production prototype and maybe they decide to not put it on the street, we often saw Washburn prototype on the market. I saw that you put your bass on Kijiji and if you search on Manitoba Kijiji you'll saw another Washburn prototype listed at Portage la Prairie that is a pre production of the WB66 Idol bass, this prototype got the Idol guitar body with a neck that is different (as for the body) from the production ones. Often, their prototypes got serial number, look at the back of the head to see if there is a serial number then we could know the production year, look also if there is a Buzz Feiten tuning system on the neck, this will prove that is a real Washburn neck. About the comment on the Washburn Logo, I saw this horizontal logo on the DB2000 bass in the past, so it's not an indication that it's not the original neck. I hope you'll put some other pictures with more details and you could also list your bass in the Washburn model database,

    best regards from the Eastern Canada:bassist:
  8. Thanks for your helpful post SP_EB4L :)

    I'm not too sure what to look for regarding whether it's a Buzz Feiten tuning system on this model. There are no noticeable logos and/or markings on the tuning pegs or nuts.

    As for the serial number, its 04075490. Made in China.
    If it's a true prototype of Washburn that never was mass produced maybe I should think about keeping it...I guess that all depends on what it's value would be worth, either today or in half a decade or so ;)

    I hope for your sake there are more fellow musicians around where you are than where I am at the moment, I'm hoping to move further west in the new year to a bigger city with an actual music scene :bassist:
  9. SP_EB4L

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    Hi Zeebs_23,

    With your serial number I could say it's 2004 model year, exactly the same year like my DB40 Dimebag Darrel Signature model also made in China (serial 04077160) and mine it's not a prototype. Probably your's is a production model also but not for the North American market, Washburn had different lines, a domestic line and a foreign one for the European, Asian, and South American market and most of those bass was made in China instead of Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia and of course America . Some Chiness models hit the North American market because it was intended to like the base line Taurus and some old XB Bantam series but somes are not offered here like the XB126 that I could only find in South America, Eurasia and Europe.

    To make short, I think it worth to keep it is you like it but it could be hard to sell it for a premium price in short or long term, but who knows? Maybe in future the Washburn products will be the hot and it values could rise. it's sure that your bass is rare here and maybe you coud find someone that is interested to pay a fair price for it. So keep in touch and don't forget to join the Washburn Club, you're welcome!

  10. SP_EB4L

    SP_EB4L Supporting Member

    About the Buzz Feiten her is a picture of the way it's indicated[​IMG].

    Here is a picture of my DB40[​IMG]
  11. Hmm, well for me personally its not the type of bass I've grown to like over the years, after I bought my Gibson Thunderbird I'm certainly a fan of the more narrow, rounded necks.

    I'll certainly keep my options open though, I'm not in a tremendous rush to get rid of it or anything. Either way, I'm quite intrigued. If it is indeed from a different market than North American, such as Europe or Asian market it ended up in the nearest guitar shop in my rural area is beyond me.

    I'll be sure to join the Washburn club and post it in the model database as well, although I should probably get some photos that are a little bit less crude.

  12. SP_EB4L

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    You could be sure there is a lot of musician here in Montreal, so maybe you could decide go East instead of West but the money is more in West than in East so I understand you and some great Canadian bands come near your place as the Guess Who and BTO.
  13. Those are certainly the tuning pegs on my P10.

    Now the rush is on to find that damn camera...
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    VERY interesting bass!! Too bad on neck dive though. Drives me nuts to find that on ANY instrument.
  15. kohntarkosz

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    I never quite know what to think of the Buzz Feitin decals on those Washburns. I guess it basically means that the nut is slightly closer to the first fret than you might normally expect?

    Washburn are pretty good at putting rarer prototype models out on general sale. I've seen T14 basses in unusual colours, and even the weird aborted T34 bass that had a single MM-style humbucker. I guess they prepared a Paul Stanley bass for general release then realised the absurdity of the model.
  16. SP_EB4L

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    Good evening Zeebs_23

    It could be the same pegs but the ones you saw in the picture that I posted are Grover that are better quality than the usual Gotoh that are found on made in China model. You can read the Grover identification on the pegs. Hope you'll find your camera to get more pictures.:hyper:
  17. SP_EB4L

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    Good evening Kohntarkosz,

    You're about right on the Buzz Feiten tuning system but the bridge is adjusted to the special nut that's come with this system. For me I notice a difference between my Washburn with the BFST and does without it, I found BFST more precise in tunning and as they says I have perfect tuning and intonation for the first 5 frets.

    I agree with you about the Washburn tradition to sale their prototypes but that let us with some gem that we have to dig to found. The T-34 was one and most people that could get ones give good review to that bass, here is another one that I like to have found before it was sold, it's a very nice looking prototype of the Classic bass serie.
  18. Finally got pictures available, I will post them here, and also in the Washburn Club thread.

    It wasnt the best quality camera, so the full size picture isn't the greatest.