Help in need from computer wiz!

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  1. Here´s the deal. I bought a computer in last autumn. It has two hard disks. The master disk broke a couple a weeks ago. Yesterday I got a new one (warranty). Its an IDE disk. My problem is which "bus" setting shall I use. I have thrown away al my "how to build your own computer" papers.
    There are three alternatives:

    1: Slave

    2: Single or master

    3: Master w/ slave present

    obviously it isn´t the first one. Whats the difference between number 1 and 2. And just to make sure It´s the MASTER disk I´m talking about.
  2. do you have a cs or cable select option it would really be the easiest way to do it. but if not number 2 is if you have a single hard disk and will be using it as a stand alone. number 3 is if you plan is running 2 hard disk's in tandom
  3. +1

    If you're planning on leaving the other hard drive in there, use Master w/ Slave present.
  4. thanks guys. I just wanted to make sure. I get a little nervy. If sonthing gets screwed up, I won´t getting new bass strings for a while :bawl:
  5. no problem, hey if you have any other questions, feel free to pm me i love this stuff