Help me Identify this Samick Bass Guitar

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  1. Romanp


    Mar 25, 2011
    My Dad bought me this for my 14th birthday in 1990.
    It's my only bass and I intend to just keep and use this bass only.
    I would like to identify what the model is or any information.
    Friends have said it looks like a PJ. That is my understanding too, because of the pickups configuration.
    What does the 3 way switch select? I assume 1. Precision PUPS 2. All PUPS 3. ?
    I am also going to start another thread asking advice on how to quieten the deathly loud pickup noise I get when plugged into my Ampeg V4 amp.
    I'll be asking about what noise/hum cancelling pickups to get. Yes I will be shielding etc. Going for an old soul, reggae bass sound.
    Thanks y'all,
    Greetings from New Zealand

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  2. You can peruse this site and find some info . . .


    I helped a fellow identify a guitar here. IIRC, there a two key items to look for on these. The first is the shape of the headstock which will identify the model. Second is the logo used on the headstock, which will date the instrument (There is another page within this site that shows the logos and and the dates they were used).

    More and better photos of the headstock, any numbers, etc. would make it easier for folks to render assistance . . .

    Edit: I finally found the logo page again. It should help you date the instrument. It is here . . .

    Logo Styles
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  3. Romanp


    Mar 25, 2011
    Way cool response, on the same day within an hour or so.
    My Dad bought it second hand in 1990 and the logo is claimed by the link to have started in 1989. So if this is correct we got a fairly new bass.
    I'm not really sure why I want to ID this bass. Just curiosity of how old it is or maybe some other info.
    Thanks fat stringer. SamickHeadstockLogo.JPG
  4. Your welcome. The headstock is significant in some way also. IIRC they refer to that as the "bird beak." I think they have a forum, or some means of asking questions there, and those folks should be able to help you with more info on the instrument.
  5. Romanp


    Mar 25, 2011
    It would be good to know what wood they used to make my bass.
    I have a tech telling me that it is a rubbish instrument made of poor quality wood etc. And I would be better off buying a real Precision.
    I'm not convinced my bass suffers from the deficiencies he claims.
    I think this instrument is adequate to make beautiful music.