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  1. One of my acquaintances is trying to sell this bass, so she asked me to help her determin how much this thing worths. Bass looks like some generic short scale jazz style that was made in Japan during 60's or 70's. It even says "made in Japan" on neck plate. I really wasn't able to tell exactly what it was, because it looks like it has been repainted and modified. Never saw a single lipstick style pickup on a jazz body. I was looking through a hundreds of pictures of vintage japanese basses to see if there are any similarities, but couldn't identify it. So, I would appreciate some help.
    Bas gitara
    Here's a link with pictures.

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  2. tpaul

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    No idea. Looks like someone threw a Telecaster pickup in it. If it works you can probably get $100 for it with the gig bag and strap. It appears to be quite small, maybe good for a child?

    Better pics would help.
  3. Can't get better pics at the moment unfortunately. I really was looking into bunch of old japanese, even eastern european made instruments to see if any of them have a double inlays on the frets 3, 5, 7, 9, and triple at the 12th, but no luck.
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    No idea but it looks to me like it was made in Japan. ;)
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    Two of those photos are identical.
  6. I know, there's a link of the listing with more photos, I mentioned that.
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    That's what it is. I assume this is in Bosnia? I don't know what the market is like over there, but here there is very little demand for these instruments. They are cheaply made, heavy and they don't sound good. Some Japanese basses from this era are in slight demand because they have a quirky style. This bass doesn't even have that. The appearance of inexpensive, decent quality Chinese-made basses on the market was the final nail in the coffin for these things. I'd be surprised if you could get $50 for it.
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  8. I absolutely agree with you. It for sure doesn't worth around 220$, which is the current price because you could definitely get a much better chinese made one NEW! I can't think of "market in Bosnia" without laughing out loud. People here think that anything "vintage" must worth a lot. But there is absolutely no demand for these kinds of instruments.