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Help me with my indecision...

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Martin Beer, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. I'd like to change or augment the pickup I'm currently using, and I'm trying to decide on the best way to go. I've been reading through a load of old threads, and the sheer amount of information is making my head spin a bit! So it would be great to hear some personal recommendations.
    Right now I'm using an AKG c411 contact mic placed near the bass side bridge foot, through an ART Tube MP, into my amp (ashdown mag monitor 12) or whatever house amp is available. If there's a decent PA, I keep the amp pretty low and use the DI out. In most situations, I like the sound of the C411, but since changing from a plywood to a carved bass with a more responsive top, I have had feedback problems at some gigs. Also, I like the c411 for it's evenness between arco and pizz, but at some gigs I've wanted a little more high end definition and stringiness for pizz. I can't decide whether to - a) Keep the c411 for the quieter gigs, but get hold some sort of bridge-wing pickup to use where I need more definition and feedback resistance (or maybe blend the two? b)retire the c411 and spend a little more on something that will sound good arco and pizz and not feed back too easily - Full circle perhaps? I'm in the UK, so some of the US made gear works out relatively expensive. My gigs are either drummerless, folky type settings, or oddball folk-rockish stuff, which can be quite loud and in venues which are not always acoustic instrument friendly. I'd like to get into doing some more jazzy gigs at some point too, for which I'd definitely like a more articulate amplified pizz...
    Any suggestions welcome - hope I've not been too verbose!
  2. bolo


    May 29, 2005
    Apex, NC
    Plan B w/ a Full Circle seems like it is more "sure fire." I mean it seems easier to predict the likelihood that it will do what you want in a wide variety of settings. No guarantees, but as I said a higher likelihood of success IMO.

    Plan A involves more variables. Finding the right bridge wing pickup for your bass and tastes. And the experimentation involved in getting the optimal fit in the wing for the best tone. Maybe a preamp. And (or) a blender if you want to combine it with the AKG.

    That said ... I've never used a Full Circle. I like my hardwood bridge adjusters. And I blend a bridge wing pickup and a mic on my gigs, with all the extra variables and cables and boxes that it entails. :)
  3. Yeah, you may have a point there. It looks like blending my existing contact mic with a piezo would mean a fair bit of expense and more boxes to carry around. So maybe I'm leaning a little more towards finding one pickup which will do what I want. Possibly a Full Circle, although the B-Band D1 system looks attractive too, and is about the same price in Europe.

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