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    So before I start, don't judge me because I want a six-string fretless, I play a six now, and I love the sound of fretless's. okay. So I found an eBay listing for a DIY bass, and I'm very interested... But... I don't know if anything I'm thinking about is good. If someone, or anyone really could help me out, it would be very appreciated :) Here's the link: My main questions are, the pickups are just generic, should I buy new ones? And also it's unfinished wood, I would like to keep the natural grain and just stain it. I don't know what kind of stain I should use, or if I need to do anything to the neck or fretboard. HELP ME OUT GUYS :)
  2. Supposedly these few lines of DIY assembly basses are not very well made. The neck joints are supposedly badly cut, don't line up and overall it has very bad build quality. The electronics are not very reliable and supposedly don't work a damn, and if they do sound bad. But hey, what can you expect from cheaply made China imports? :(
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    I'd say don't buy it unless you want to get into some serious (ly annoying) luthiery work. Before you even get into whether or not to replace the pickups etc., you need to see if it's going to be playable at all.

    If you want a fretless sixer, there are cheap instruments out there to get you started. And trust me, you'll want something to practice on first. A fretless six is a whole 'nother animal.

    Check out
    I own a fretted six string SX, and I absolutely adore it. And if you want to get into upgrades, it'll be a hell of a lot easier on something already put together.
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    I can't speak about that particular kit, but you may want to read my cautionary tale before embarking on any kit.

    As for your questions, you wouldn't necessarily have to stain it, but you would need to put some kind of finish on it that seals out moisture. I used tung oil on mine.

    And for a cheapo kit like this, I'd certainly include new pups in the budget.
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    And note this from the ebay page you linked:

    "Please note that these kits do not come with instructions or wiring diagrams. However there is plenty of information on the web and videos on youtube for guitar assembly and making guitars."
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    save your $$$$$
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    That bass from rondomusic looks great. I'd keep an eye out for used carvin fretless sixers too.
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    Don't do it. Save your money and buy a real instrument.