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  1. Hi all,

    I am wondering if anyone can help me with a wiring scheme.

    I have mods I want to make to my Squier Jazz bass.

    I can solder, do simple replacements, and follow wiring diagrams well enough, but don't really know how to fully create my own. Just don't understand the workings of the parts well enough yet.

    What I want is a master volume, blend pot, tone, and series/parallel switch. I would like the master volume to also be push/pull for series/parallel, but a separate toggle switch is acceptable.

    I found a diagram using a separate switch that disables the bridge volume pot and uses just the neck volume as master when in series, but this is not quite what I want.

    When in parallel mode, I want it to be master volume, pickup blend, tone.
    When in series, with both pickups on, it would just need to be master volume and tone, possibly bypassing the blend pot, since it would not be in use for series operation.

    If anyone can help me understand how to make this work, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    try a PM to line6man. Or check the forum because the mods you want may have already been done.
  3. Thanks. I'll try the PM, perhaps. Been searching, here and elsewhere. Haven't found one that combines a blend pot and series parallel wiring in one mod. I understand both mods separately, just not sure how they need to work together in the same instrument, connection-wise.
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    I've done the series/parallel mod using the diagram on Seymour Duncan's website. I'd post it but I gotta jet out the door in like ten seconds.

    I can't say that I'd recommend using a blend pot. You've currently got VVT, right? On mine I just put a push/pull DPDT pot combined with the tone knab.
  5. I think I found it, on here. Previous searches must not have been worded quite right. My fault. Thanks.:)
  6. Stealth has done a diagram for this. I don't have the link off hand, so you'll have to search for it. Otherwise, I'll find it later.
    (Or is that the diagram you just found?)

    The reason you don't see this setup often is that it requires a non-standard switch wiring, in order to bypass the blend pot when you go to series mode. Otherwise, you will end up with the blend pot functioning as a volume pot.
  7. Thanks. I found two, in this thread here:

    Now, my heart is not dead set on this. Originally, I was only thinking of a simpler master volume/blend pot/tone config.

    Then someone mentioned adding series/parallel as well, so I started looking at it from that angle, but it wasn't my original plan. Any real downsides to using the two together, other than the non-standard wiring?
  8. Stealth


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    Thanks for the plug, line6man. :D

    Using that wiring you linked, you'd lose the ability to blend the pickups in series mode - when you switch the S1 on (series mode) both pickups will be on at full. It's not a particular loss, but in case you want to retain individual volumes, here's a wiring that gives you the ability.
  9. Thanks. I'll look that over. I already have most of the parts on hand. Really appreciate all the input.
  10. Stealth


    Feb 5, 2008
    Zagreb, Croatia
    And on further reading I see you want a blend pot, not two volumes. I'll try to fish that wiring out, but I know I hadn't drawn one.

    Edit: Gotcha. Basically, my wiring is correct (if you treat the two volume pots as halves of the blend pot - you'd have to reverse the wiring on one of them), but is missing the extra volume pot. I oughta draw that one day.
  11. Someone did. Do you want to draw one up, or should I?
  12. Stealth


    Feb 5, 2008
    Zagreb, Croatia
    I edited my post not a minute after you posted yours, once I found someone else's schematic. I'll redraw it later using my templates. If you want to have a go at it, go ahead. No harm in having two schematics by two people. :D
  13. Regardless of who does what, or if you both do, I appreciate it a lot.:)

    I want to learn this for myself to, so next time I can just work through it.
    Kind of an idiot-savante when it comes to this.

    I can replace pots, pickups, and caps on my own, usually by following what I find inside and sticking to it, or tearing EVERYTHING out and starting with a fresh diagram.

    But I don't yet know the workings of the parts, the pin outs, etc.. well enough to get fancy on my own. Yet.
  14. My ultimate goal is to have this:

    1. Master volume w/series-parallel via push/pull(preferred)

    2. Pickup blend pot(not picky if it's bypassed in series mode and
    I just have both pickups on full, with master volume and tone.)

    3.TBX tone control(but not until later down the road, as I don't have one to install yet).

    Any downsides/pitfalls to that arrangement, outside of the fact that it's a fair amount of wiring?
  15. Stealth


    Feb 5, 2008
    Zagreb, Croatia
    No downsides whatsoever. A master volume with an S/P switch is standard fare, so is a blend pot, and the TBX is just a differently wired tone pot with extra resistors tacked on. It's a fair amount of wiring, yes, but it's fairly flexible.
  16. Bringing this one up top again, just for more advice.

    I am working to combine a couple of diagrams of the separate mods into one, based on what seems logical. I may get it, I may not. I'll post for input/correction once I do.

    In the mean time, what is the difference between having the blend pot grounded vs. ungrounded? I've seen it done both ways.

    Thanks guys.
  17. I have my first diagram. Let me first apologize for the fact my scanner didn't show the color. The grounds are black, but the red came out as gray. Hopefully you can still tell what's going on.

    I combined two different diagrams of the separate mods into one, according to what made some sense to me at t he time, but this left an empty lug on the volume pot, which iam sure is not right.


    So three things:

    1: Anyone willing to help me troubleshoot/complete it?
    2: Can the blend pot be wired to still have functionality in series mode?
    3: Didn't come up with much, so can anyone recommend a good resource for learning the operation/pinouts of various pots and switches, so I can learn properly for next time?

    Thanks again. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  18. I found a diagram to get me there, done a while back by line6man.

    Which just leaves my second question.

    Can the wiring be done so that the blend pot is functional in series mode?
    I'll be using a DPDT push/pull pot, a six lug blend pot, and a standard tone pot.
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    Hey SquierJazz,
    I'm trying to do pretty much the same as you, with a PJ.
    I haven't found line6man's diagram: could you include a reference here?
  20. Maz


    Jan 9, 2011