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  1. Max Vartanian

    Max Vartanian

    Dec 10, 2014
    So I've been really interested in building a bass lately. and I've gotten most of the measurements down and made a accurate size drawing of it. the real question here is, pick up placement for best Sound? (using dual EMG's). also, I'm going to order a neck from warmoth. the design on the headstock in the drawing is what I would be buying, and the lines are what I would be cutting off to make it look a bit cooler. would that work? ​

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    The pickup placement question could go on forever, check out some other recent threads. The headstock mod looks like it should work, just make sure you left enough room so the tuners have something to attach to and don't hang over the edges. (I did that once, over-rounded, ended up cutting away the corner of the tuning plate.)
    Edit: I like the body shape, but looks like it might neck dive with no upper horn. Some folks care about that more than others.
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