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Help with OHM choice

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Dude Chapman, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Dude Chapman

    Dude Chapman

    Apr 11, 2004
    I am looking into buying the Genz Benz 4x10 and I'm unsure which OHM setting to choose, 4 or 8. I am also looking into the GBE600 head as well, so assuming that's what I am getting which OHM setting would be best? If I am thinking right, 4 ohms would allow for more watts but I'm not sure if that would be best for that head or not. Help me out!!
  2. FF Petro

    FF Petro

    Feb 16, 2004
    I am unfamiliar with the head, but almost all heads are stable down to 4ohms. The thing is... If you want to add another cab sometime in the future, and let's say it's another 4ohms, when you connect it all your amp sees is one big 2ohm load. If the head is not stable at that 2ohms it will overheat and either cutoff or die. Just try to figure out what you are wanting now, as well as the future, if you want to build onto this rig.

    Much more of a side note: the 8ohm will have a little bit better of sound quality, but it's really inaudible at even moderate levels.

  3. I'm not sure what the cab specs are for the 410 as far as power handling. But the GBE600 puts out 275W @ 8ohms, 425W @ 4ohms, and 625W @ 2ohms. So you could safely do a 4ohm cab, 2 4ohm cabs, or 4 8ohm cabs i think, and of course one or two or three 8ohm cabs.

    Some one please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Bluebomber


    May 2, 2000
    Is a higher impedence/ohm (?) give better sound quality? i.e. the same amp run at 8 ohms will sound better than the same amp run at 4ohms. I always thought you were supposed to use the minimum load, so you can maximize the power of your amp. Im gonna get an amp and cab which i want to be fairly portable. I dont plan on adding any more cabinets to the amp, so i figured i should get a 4ohm cab, which matches the min load on the amp? will this sound worse than an 8 ohm cab?

  5. Same sound, different power output. Depending on the amp in question, the 4 ohm load generally puts out more power.
    BUT, as a rule of thumb, I like to remain flexible for different cab set-ups. if you run a 8 ohm cab, you can always add another later on.(210+15,210+210,410+15,410+410 ect...)
  6. Dude Chapman

    Dude Chapman

    Apr 11, 2004
    So with these specs (GBE600 puts out 275W @ 8ohms, 425W @ 4ohms, and 625W @ 2ohms) ... and the XB2 cab that is 700 watts RMS, if I get the cab at the 8 ohm rating, would that only allow for 275 watts from the head to be sent out? It seems that this head would be stable at 2 ohms, so maybe it would be best to go with the 4 ohm cab since i don't really plan on getting more than 2 cabs for a while. Then along those lines, would the 4 ohm cab only allow for 425 watts from the head??
  7. Jack


    Sep 6, 2003
    Newcastle, UK
    Ermm, yes. :smug:
  8. Dude Chapman

    Dude Chapman

    Apr 11, 2004
    would it hurt the cab to run the head at 2 ohms if the cab is only set for 4 ohms?

  9. An amp can not be "set" to run at a certain impedance. A 4 ohm cab will draw a 4 ohm load. 8 ohm, an 8 ohm load ect...
  10. Jack


    Sep 6, 2003
    Newcastle, UK
    It wont matter to the cab, but youll need both 4 ohm cabs to get the head to run at two ohms. If you just use one 4 ohm cabs, then the amp runs at 4 ohms.
  11. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    Only tube amps have a "set-ohms" transistor where you have to physically set the ohmage. On solid-states, it automatically does it for you. When you are getting an amp that will run 2 ohms, you can always add another cab on, no matter what. Alot of amps only run to 4 ohms, so you have to decide if you want less wattage now, but more cab options later, or more watts now, but no cab options later. Get the 4 ohm one.
  12. Dude Chapman

    Dude Chapman

    Apr 11, 2004
    I assume by "get the 4ohm one" you mean the 4ohm cab. That's what I was planning on doing. Right now I am looking into the Aguilar AG500 head as well as the GBE600. I am not currently planning on running more cabs with this, but possibly in the future so either way the 4ohm cab would be a good choice, especially with the GBE600 since it could still support a 2ohm load if I add on.

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