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    Jul 23, 2018
    Guys, i need some help to identify this preamp, i believe it's a Seymour Duncan preamp, but I couldn't find exactly the model, there's no indication or stamp except the "AWTC3P" printed on it.

    If someone has the correct information about this preamp or the wiring diagram, i would be very grateful. IMG_20200206_095236.jpg 15809971251379175850392417680117.jpg
  2. Looks like it’s an older version of the STC-3P preamp, 3-band for Passive pickups.

    newer revisions have the two blue trim pots right next to each other along with updated components on the board.


    the layout of the components on your preamp looks very much like the current STC-2P 2-band preamp, but I can clearly see a difference in the number of components between the two.


    I wonder if they updated the 3-band and not the 2-band unit...

    perhaps call or email tech support to be certain? could be a Duncan-designed preamp for a specific manufacturer, which is why the Duncan name isn’t printed on the module?

    I see that this store is selling an STC-3P and is using a photo of the older version like yours:
    Buy Seymour duncan STC-3P Active 3-Band Tone Circuit Passive Pickups - Euroguitar
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