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  1. Ok,
    So I went to this master class for people around my age at a college, and this one girl played a song, and i'm thinking it was called Sonatina or something, and I wanted a copy, so she did say she would make me a copy but I didn't see her at all the remainder of the week, and I want to play that song.

    I don't remember the composer, yeah...:crying:
  2. How about tracking down the teacher of the masterclass and ask him, he might remember the song.

    Or hum the tune to your bass teacher?

    Or actually play the basic melody to your teacher?
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    Apr 6, 2007
    wow....ummmm... Sonatina Tropicale by Franco Mannino ? This is just a wild guess...
  4. I do know it was by a pretty common composer, I just can't remember who,
    and I think it was originally written for the cello.

    And it makes me feel stupid for going through all the trouble to look it up.
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    Sonatina by Beethoven? If so it's in the pink Zimmerman solo book.
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    do you remember how it goes...maybe you can type in the solfege syllables and someone will recognize the theme...
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  8. Yup.
    Found it.
    thank you.