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hey,hey kids

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by CHILDISHGAMBINO, May 6, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick!). I just joined the other day and have been putting this off. My name is Jay and I've been playing since '93 when my Dad looked at my long fingers and compared them to his stubby ones and said if you don't play an instrument I'll break your fingers(he's a guitar player). I chose bass because everybody played guitar and I'm too spastic to play drums. I've been is several bands from experimental sonic youth type stuff to totally improvised funk. I had only been noodling around with software drum machines until recently when a friend was given a drum set for free. We've been jamming for fun but haven't played any shows yet which I really miss. I joined this forum because I've been really into playing lately and I don't want to lose interest again and i'm really into effects and wanted to see reviews and discover what's out there. I used to run a lot effects but sold/lost/broke them all and didn't have any for a while. Now I have a XXL distortion, an OC3 and a wasabi forward/reverse delay. I'm thinking either a bass wah or the Q-tron next but I can't decide(both cost about the same).

    Wow I tend to blab on. Anyway's I'm 30, I love skateboarding, I own two retarded dogs, and I like pretty much any style of music except for modern pop country. Sorry for the book but like I said I tend to blab on and on. Thanks for the forums.

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