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  1. Hi all. As the name and avatar imply, I'm a sax player. I've been learning bass slowly and without much devoted practice, borrowing a friend's P bass, but he'll be needing that back soon. Meanwhile, as I get more into jazz at college and I draw closer to graduating and really starting to work at being a rock/pop musician, I'm more and more wanting to actually be able to play this thing. I honestly consider solid basslines more important than melodies, so for my songwriting both in jazz and in rock/pop I use the bass a lot.
    I also have quite a bit of woodworking experience and I have multiple electrical engineers in my family, so I've decided to set out and build myself a bass that will make me want to spend more time playing it. It's quite a journey I've embarked on, and a thoroughly mediocre player though I may be at the moment, I look forward to joining the bass world!
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    Your membership number is R216Z93568. Yes you now are a member in good standing. :smug:

    Welcome to the bottom end.

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