Hi guys! LA player here.

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  1. howdoyoudo


    Jan 11, 2014
    How's everyone doing this new year? Been lurking and browsing the forum for a few months. Decided to join the fun.

    Been playing bass for six months now and joined a band.

    I'm into Blues and Classic rock.

    Based in Los Angeles and touring around since I've joined No Jet Left. Rock/Indie/alternative band with flavors of Chillwave, Trip hop, Baroque Pop, Stoner Rock, Shoegaze, and Psychedelia. Here's our site, No Jet Left, download our music for free and feel welcome to give feed back.

    Played the House of Blues just the other week and we were stoked we got 100 people rocking out hard in the foundation room.

    Get in contact if you're a group in LA that wants to destroy shows together.

    Talkbass is such a valuable site. Glad to be here.