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hipshot for modulus

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by andysvec, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. andysvec

    andysvec Supporting Member

    sorry to post yet another thread about a hipshot!

    I have a 92 modulus, and just received a gotoh hipshot in the mail from stewmac. Looked exactly the same, I took the old one off and put the hipshot in and the stringpost is too short, it barely even sticks out of the headstock. So I'm gonna return it as they only carry this one and the fender type one, but does anyone know which one I need to order (and any good places to get online?).
  2. 513rocks.com


    Sep 22, 2004
    Mason, Ohio
    i had the same exact thing happen on my flea bass. i bought it directly from hipshot so i just emailed them and they sent me the right shaft (i think thats what they called it). www.hipshotproducts.com is the site i got it from. also, the top of the tuning key wasnt exactly the same so i just took the one off the original and swaped them, but im sure you figured that out. hope that helps.
  3. andysvec

    andysvec Supporting Member

    thanks, I wrote to them also, hopefully they can hook me up too~