Hofner controls

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  1. Here's a question for Hofner owners, what are the different controls on a Hofner bass?

    There are 2 pots and 3 switches.
  2. bill reed

    bill reed

    Apr 2, 2012
    two pots are the volumes for each of the pick-ups.
    you have a rhythm/solo switch that is like a boost, it shorts out the cap giving you more volume.
    the other two switched switch on and off the pickups.
    there is no tone controls on a hofner beatles style bass.
  3. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Don't just TalkBASS - PlayBASS! Supporting Member

    The Bass and Treble switches are pickup on/off switched, basically (they do some cap changes too, IIRC) but the reverse of how you'd think they work. The Bass On turns off the bridge pickup and the Treble on position turns off the neck pickup.