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  1. Im trying to set up a home network with my broadband connection. Im really good with computers until it comes to networking. First i tried a router. THe internet on my copmputer works. the other it does not. It shows activity for that port. And the computer shows that its connected to the network. BUt i get a message from my broadband serivce saying that my account is active, but it doesnt recognize my ip number. Instructions state that I need to reset my cable modem. I tried that. Still nothing. I was told by a guy at work who knows a fair amount about networking to buy a hub. He says my problem with the router is that both computers were trying to use the same IP adrese. And that i would have to assign an IP number to the other comp. BUt if i get a hub. I wont have to. So i got a hub. And still same message when I go to the net. Any help would be greatly appreciated to aleviate this net headache.
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    These things are tricky to diagnose over the Internet - but I think it's likely that your problem has to do with MAC addresses.

    Every cable modem I've toyed with has a tendency to get "attached" to the MAC address of the device it communicates with. Sounds like you've had it connected to your computer's Ethernet card (which has a MAC address of it's own). Now you're asking it to talk to the router, and you get nothing.

    Some routers have a software utility that copies the computer's MAC address to a PROM in the router. If yours doesn't have such a utility, the fix may be to simply power down the cable modem for a while (not connected to the computer), then turn it back on and connect to the router.

    Hopefully this helps:

  3. im sitting here scratching my head. BOth computers were off when i left. I came back home. Typed this thread. Expecting a long night i was thriled to see that the message didnt come up!! Both computers are now online. Thanks for the adivse im using a hub now. Not the router. SO how can i set up file and print sharing between both computers. Im guessing we came multi play on this network too right????
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    This guy typed it all up so I don't have to. :)

    Simple File Sharing.

    Yes, you can play games between the PC's. My son and I play Tiger Woods and Golden Tee between our PC's.

  5. Thanks Mike
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    Anytime buddy.

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    Just an FYI....that hub isn't going to provide you with any security. Sounds like you just needed to check the DHCP server on it or have your ISP flash your modem to pick up the new mac from the router.