How do you store instruments onstage & on the road (stand, boat, vault)?

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    Oh thank God it’s almost the weekend, which means a lot of us are fixing to go onstage and play for a little (or lot) of money and stories!

    Which is what got me thinking about the best way to maximize stage estate, and one of the odd-shaped things that takes up some of that stage space is our instruments. How do y’all deal with this? Does your band use a bunch of single guitar stands, or do you roll in a guitar vault? Do you just lean your guitars in their cases or gigbags against a wall, or do you open up a guitar boat?

    I’m usually a road guy and have been using one of those 3-guitar studio stands, and the guitarists in my group share one of those tolex-covered guitar briefcases/boats from Guitar Center. We’ve talked about getting a guitar vault but aren’t convinced it’s the best way to go, so I figured I’d tap into the TalkBass collective wisdom!

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    Sep 14, 2016
    About a year ago I saw a dude with a two (maybe three?) guitar boat that tilted on wheels and could be drug around like luggage. Seemed smart to me, probably wouldn’t take up as much space real estate as two stands.
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    Sep 14, 2016