Hypothetical Q- housefire: save which bass??

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  1. Your house is on fire. You are running out w/your baby under one arm. You have time to grab ONE bass. Which one?
    For me, it's my humble 96 Jazz 5. The Stambaughs, the Warwick, even the 73 & prewar DB can be replaced, but the Jazz is somehow special(strangely, it's not my fave, but I think it's the one I'd grab in this situation).
  2. ROON


    Aug 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    My first bass, my trusty old Ibanez RD300.

    My Stingray is a far more reliable and better built bass than my RD300, but the Ibanez has real sentimental value which my Stingray has yet to obtain. I've spent years playing that Ibanez, and it's never failed on me, not once. It's such a sturdy bass, from the second I got it out of the box until now, I haven't had to make one adjustment of the truss rod, and the action remains low.

    I love that bass. :bassist: I love my Stingray too but the Ibanez would be saved.
  3. Thor

    Thor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    The EB3. It's retired, but only out of love.
  4. Yeah, I was just tring to come up w/a slight twist on the old 'which bass is best/your favorite/doesn't make my butt look big, etc thread.
  5. Hoover

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    Nov 2, 2007
    New York City
    My mid-80's Schecter California Custom B/4. I figure the Steinberger L-2 could probably survive a fire with only some minor charring or melting, and all the others are replaceable.
  6. My Jazz bass.

    Even if I had a bunch of more expensive "better" basses I'd still go for it.

    My first proper bass, and one I don't think I could replace.
  7. TrevorOfDoom


    Jun 17, 2007
    Austin, TX
    Skyline JO

    seriously, i could sell every other bass and i know i'd be happy with just this one.

    that said, other basses are fun to have around:D
  8. NOLA Bass

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    Feb 3, 2005
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    Spector NS4 (new US model with the buckey top and walnut back).


    Apr 30, 2008
    austin tx.
    I do not even want to think of this scenerio :rollno:
  10. Wootsticks


    Jul 26, 2007
    Houston, TX
    I'd grab my tuba. Much more expensive than my P-Bass in every way possible.
  11. Rezdog

    Rezdog Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    T.Rez, Canada/Motown
    Greetings from the North,

    Been thru that once while in University. I grabbed the TBird. But now........thanks to gig bags......I'd throw the Reverend BH5 and Tbird over my shoulder. That's of course if I didn't have to carry anyone out. Uh....There'd be enough adrenaline to carry all 3 out! ;)

  12. kesslari

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    I have to think of this scenario. 2 wildfires already in our mountains, one very close to good friends' house.
    I keep my 2 favorite basses next to each other (Tobias Classic and Ibanez GWB1) so I'd grab 'em both.

    Honestly, first priority is the humans, dogs and cats.
    If I've got time for more than that, I've got time for both basses.

    It's not a bad idea to think about this kind of scenario in advance.
    Honestly, some of the few truly irreplacable things are photos.
    Though it would be hard to replace the (pre-Gibson) Tobias, it's more or less do-able, given time and money.
    But pictures from my wedding, or of my kids' childhood... not replaceable. Even on ebay...
  13. DanielleMuscato


    Jun 19, 2004
    Columbia, Missouri, USA
    Endorsing Artist, Schroeder Cabinets
    My CS Taylor acoustic guitar (jumbo six-string, sitka spruce soundboard with Honduran mahogany body & neck), but it would be a tough call between that and my favorite Strat ('98 American Deluxe Fat Strat, ash body/rosewood board), and my late grandfather's vintage Martin classical.

    For some reason, I'm not as emotionally attached to my basses, even though I don't really play guitar anymore. My Martin is certainly the most expensive instrument I own so in that regard, I ought to save it above the others, but I would be more upset about my Taylor burning up. My favorite bass was only $425 used on eBay (MTD Artist 5).

    All my instruments are insured, if that makes any difference.
  14. This is interesting- I thought I would be in the minority, grabbing a cheaper, not-even-totally-dripping-w/sentmental value ax over a custom, pricey, easily-sold-to-cover-the-cost-of-several-replacement ones, but so far not the case.
  15. gillento


    Oct 15, 2005
    Luxembourg, Europe
    Nordstrand pickups

    My 2 Sads and my MacBook!
  16. dave64o

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    Honestly, in the event that my house is on fire I seriously doubt I'd even think of my basses. All I'd want is to make sure my son got out. However, ignoring that for the purposes of this topic...

    I currently have an MIA Jazz Deluxe V fretless, a Stingray 5 HH, and an SX SJB-62 4+1 fretless and my reaction would be automatic and completely without conscious consideration. It's not because of some sentimental attachment to it, it's just the one that feels "right" to me so it's the one I just pick up unless I consciously decide I'm going to play one of the other two.

    The Stingray.
  17. I'd take my Hamer 2-TEK CruiseBass without a doubt.
  18. Of course I hope we all have pretty much this attitude. :)
    Let's say all other important things/people are out & safe, you know this, & have for whatever other reason the choice of one bass to save from certain & total destruction. :eek:
  19. Dan Knowlton

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    Apr 3, 2000
    Palm Coast, FL
    When I was a kid, we were in Germany and most of our household stuff was in storage - and it all burned. I have two pictures of family before I was 8 - basses would not be a priority.

    Wife and kid, pictures and the few important documents that are not in a safe deposit box, animals (well maybe NOT the cat..... just joking), nothing else would be important.

    I do have everything insured and the musical instruments, art, and antiques are insured for full value..... I would not worry about "stuff."

    Dan K.
  20. mongo2


    Feb 17, 2008
    Da Shaw
    None of them.