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  1. Hey guys and girls! I am seeing Les Claypool and the reunion of PRIMUS tonight in Los Angeles @ the WILTERN!!! I scored free tickets through someone I know who works there. Pit-passes and all! I will try to go meet the man behind the madness himself after hours...Contact me to see what I thought...I will be back writing about it tommorow. Oh my GOD!!! I AM SO PSYCHED! WOOOHOOOO!
  2. Sick, man!

    I'll see em in Toronto in November...its in a smaller venue so im gonna make my way to the front!
  3. November 18th Boston.
  5. casimir


    Jul 22, 2002
    Henderson, NV
    I just saw him in Vegas. Holy S***. I can't think of anything I've seen to top it
  6. I heard the show was visually stunning...what bout costumes and how was the Cheese set?!!!DETAILS
  7. Obsolex/Stephen Soto and I are seeing him on the 29th in Santa Cruz, California. Should be bitchin!
  8. Grrr.... they need to come to the UK! :(

    They cancelled their last shows over here on the Antipop tour, so I missed them.... would be great to see them again, especially with Tim Alexander back on drums (I hear he doesn't like being called Herb any more!)

    Russ :bassist:
  9. HEY THERE! I MUST TELL YOU THAT TOUR DE FROMAGE IN L.A. @ THE WILTERN WAS THE BEST SHOW I HAVE SEEN! The set consisted of the regular set-up (guitars,basses,drumset kinda deal) and above the set were two ornaments. They had images reflecting off them which consisted of crap like 'the bastards' and visual splices from their music videos. Other things that were projected were just crazy nonsense, WHICH I LOVE, and some of that nonsense went to the main beat of the song. It was all in all cool. I got in to the show for free for my birthday (along with my friend) and my friend and I were able to see them sound check (well, we weren't supposed to) and we were there from about 5:30-12:00 in the morning. It was just spectacular. When they said we were allowed in (we were in already but we went in a second time>?) then we went straight to the stage. I was like holy ****: Larry LaLonde is right there. So we went up to him and we started saying "HEY LER!" and he was like hey guys. It was totally cool, we maintained like conversation about his band and stuff...one of the numerous things to make my night. Tim Alexander was walking about, playing drum solos when we came in, and just doing business. We were like "Hey Tim!" but he was really busy so he didn't say much. Anyway, so when the show began and people started flowing in, we got our places right in front of Colonel Claypool up at the barriers. What a treat, I mean the man with the huge fingers and funny accent and all dressed up like a crazy British soldier was there, in front of us, for the whole freaking 3 hour show. A few times he just stared at me and my friend and we made faces and did the "Claypool" hand jiggle at him. I bet he was like "what the hell are these kids doing?" Oh man oh man. He played all the good stuff, cover-to-cover Sailing the Seas of Cheese, new stuff from new CD, Pork Soda stuff, and jam crazyness with the WHAMOLA, that one stringed instrument he uses and has a crank on it which he pulls to make this crazy effect. He just threw that thing around playing it and then threw it on the floor and got some drum sticks from Herb and started jamming away. It kinda sounded like Blue Man Group - Primus style. The show in its all was just fabulous. I RECOMMEND YOU SCREW BALLS TO GO SEE HIM! I have been waiting like 3 years to see these bastards come back to play and it was just pure goodness. WOOHOO! I hope this helped you out some...If you need anymore explanation just ask me questions in this forum or my email address ([email protected]][email protected][/EMAIL]) CYA LATER!
  10. Nice, man...good to see you had a good time...I cant wait!
  11. Yea it was a great time. I shook freaking Ler's hand!
  12. Yea it was a great time. I shook freaking Ler's hand! WOW!
  13. Joe Turski

    Joe Turski

    Jul 29, 2003
    Nov.17th Boston Ma. I'll be there, backstage! Can't wait. Meeting famous people is cool, but they are just people like you or I. That's awesome you got to meet and shake hands with ler. Any pictures?
  14. Nah no pics...I am not really a picture whore :) I also said hey to Tim Alexander but he seemed to be busy.
  15. YOU BASTARD!!!

    Can you get me 2 backstage passes for the 18th;) :D :D :D :D
  16. I hear a bunch of you guys getting back stage passes n stuff, how would one go about getting some for thE Toronto show? (know somebody, etc?)
  17. Joe Turski

    Joe Turski

    Jul 29, 2003
    NO! :spit: :p
  18. Joe Turski

    Joe Turski

    Jul 29, 2003
    I have a friend of mine who got the passes from Tim Alexanders father. So I'm not complaining.

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
    (Whatever the hell that means) ;) :)
  19. Thanks...I guess???:confused:
  20. :mad: :mad: :rolleyes:
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