I bought a bass. Now to learn to play!

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  1. Hi folks, new bass player here. I'm a sax player and have dabbled in guitar and piano, but recently a friend lent me one of their basses and I just absolutely fell in love.

    When I was just getting into music, my first instrument was a bari sax and I loved playing the low end. I switched to tenor as my main horn later on, but I must have always missed the thump because man, the bass is *crazy* fun to play.

    So I happened to find a used Godin Freeway 4 for a ridiculously good price, and reviews say they're a fairly solid PJ bass. I've got a Seagull acoustic guitar and an Art & Luthrie for my wife, and my opinion of the Godin family of brands is very high.

    After picking up the bass and stopping by my friendly local music store to pick up a Rumble 25, I got home and spent the rest of the night making lots of noise, grinning like a kid at Christmas the whole time.

    So! Hi. Nice to be here, and I'm really excited to start learning this instrument.
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    What great fun lies ahead.

    Adjust for era, but I ‘taught myself’ bass by learning every bass-note on Led Zeppelin’s debut album.

    I then and only then, referred to myself as a ‘bass player’, lol.

    Enjoy and ask lots of questions here on TB, as had this forum existed back then, I’d be even better right now!

    Bass has been my life. No ‘regerts’ :laugh:
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  3. Welcome. Now how to play. Invest $25 in a how to play book, I recommend Bass Guitar for Dummies. The patterns in Dummies are what I am still using. Dummies starts off with how to hold your bass, how to get sound from it, how to tune it, and things like that. In other words it starts you off correctly. And again, the patterns shown are easy to understand.

    Good luck.
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