I need a jaguar/pj. What do ppl like?

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  1. So I'm thinking I need a jaguar/pj config bass. Just picked up a 50s style squire so the pj is all I'm missing.
    I'm looking at the jaguar squier line (ofc I am firmly on the CV squier fanboy train). I'm wondering if anyone out there can share their experience with these.
    And or suggest another pj, possibly short scale, bass.
    I'll be honest, I want one of the troy sanders signature squires as my pj but it doesnt pay to get to focused on one thing.
    Thanks in advance for reading/opinions
  2. I have had a Squier VM Jaguar for years, and I always loved it's sound, I highly recommend them. I have a MIM Jazz, a fretless VM Jazz, a franken P, VM Jag, and just picked up this beauty yesterday. I love the P bass noise but wanted something a little sleeker and rarer than a P bass. 145811309_10101062528742641_3278241831084291122_o.jpg
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    I had a Squier VM Jaguar and it’s one of the few basses I really regret selling. It punched well above the price I paid for it at the time.