I need some people knowledgable about fish...

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  1. Yeah? Well I'm a founding member of the Post-Punk Bassists club!
  2. I started The P-Bass club, which is on part 2 mind you. Also I started The Michiganin Bassist club.
  3. Showoff
  4. I know, right? I'm so perfect.
  5. Least I have a Shergold....I love her so much.

    *kisses SHergold*
  6. I have a fender. I tolerate it.

    *glances at fender*
  7. Too easy.

  8. Can you taste your barf?
  9. Thank you for reminding me I need to be an ***.
  10. I HATE Fenders...


    No, I can taste guitar polish.
  11. Well, after all, drummers do like to listen to Rush, sulk, and randomly puke on things.

    And it's the bassists job to ensure the drummer does not aspirate regurgitation.

    that's not mine. someone else on here said it and I just think it's teh lolz.
  12. :rolleyes:

    In Soviet England, bass pukes on you!!!!
  13. Well I guess we're all in tilted to our own opinions. I myself don't like Shergold's.
  14. In England, Shergold doesn't like you!!!!!

    see my above post for more lulz
  15. :D Drummers do more than puke and drool.

    Curiously I'm listening to Rush right now....


    Seriously, evruy Fender I've palayed was either horrendouly badly-set up or felt awkward.

    Hahavery funny.
  16. Fassa, are you drunk? Your spelling has been kind of off tonight.

  17. Nope! Not at all. Good drummers don't drink......
  18. I fixed your bad spelling. :D
  19. I beg to differ. Nicko McBrain is a wine enthusiast.
  20. This is a load of bull excrement. John Bonham drank.