Ibanez Ergodyne (luthite)

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  1. JD1014

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    Dec 26, 2007
    Looking to replace bridge on the above bass. While two of the four tone knobs don't work, I know those CAN be repaired; more concerned with replacing Piezo-type bridge (just ain't my cup of tea). This is a dandy little 4-banger from a company I'm ashamed to say I've overlooked. Thanks in advance!

    But, hey, since I'm posting: Any suggestions on upgrading the single MM-type pickup? Again, that can wait, but that piezo bridge has GOTTA go! :help:

    Thanks! TALKBASS RAWX!!:bassist::bassist:
  2. mbelue


    Dec 11, 2010
    Does the piezo bridge still function? And are you removing the preamp with it?
  3. I don't have any direct experience with piezo bridges, but I would think you could just disconnect the wiring and save yourself the hassle of doing a full on replacement.

    I've had three of their midrange basses and I've liked them all (although the US-ATK was damn heavy).:bassist:
  4. 202dy

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    Sep 26, 2006
    What is the reason for replacing the bridge?

    What is the reason for replacing the pickup?
  5. mdogs

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    Ya, there is no reason to do anything. You don't need to have the Piezo pickups on at all, just turn them off.
  6. +1

    Just turn off the piezo, job done.

    What knobs aren't working?

    From top (neck side) to bottom:

    Magnetic Pickup Volume
    Piezo Pickup Volume
    Magnetic EQ (tone IIRC)
    Piezo Treble (boost & cut)

    To take the piezo out of the equation, just turn down the piezo volume.

    You could put in a MM pickup, but you would need to route a bigger hole in the body. Also, the pickup location is closer to the neck than the standard MM location and the preamps are different. So it won't sound like a MM.

    I have a 5 string version of this bass (EDA905) and while I don't like the piezo for certain things (ie playing with a pick) it is great for making you work on your technique, she's a harsh mistress and will let you hear all of your short comings, especially if you have any treble boost!

    Always fancied getting my hands on the fretless version, I think that could be fun with the piezo!
  7. I'll also add that you can do a hell of a lot of tinkering with that basses pickups, the manual is still around on the net and tweaking the controls on the back of the bass (mag level, mag/piezo balance, individual piezo level) you may be able to get something you like.

    Also, if not, as has been said, you can just turn the piezo off :)
  8. klyph

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Cape Cod
    The piezos on my 905EDAF are the only ones I've heard that add frequencies BELOW those of the mag pickup. They sound huge! They add some highs (crisp) too, but the lows were a shocker when I first started messing with them. I just assumed I would turn them off (the piezos). I dont know how they would sound on a fretted one, though. Really, the electronics on these are really too nice to mod, I think. I would just leave it stock, unless you've really fallen in love with the body shape and don't see yourself selling. I have a 905 fretted that somebody butchered the electronics out of, its a project bass for me. Enlarging the pickup cavity will probably be a real bitch- luthite is brittle, and chips like a mother******! and the extreme curves means making a router carriage for your template. I don't think I am going to do this. I did a little research a while ago and I think both Nordstrand and Aero make soapbar pickups taht are very close in size and will probably work. However, this was like two years ago and Aero seems to change their offerings all the time. I'm pretty sure a few companies make something close (smaller) if you're handy enough to make a pickup ring to take up the extra space. Which you would probably want to glue in, since luthite doesn't hold screws very well, either. Bottom line, GREAT basses, but too much of a pain to mod if you don't like the tone. I wouldn't "rip out" the piezos- just turn them off. If you really want to go crazy with different electronics, I would put in a different mag pickup, bypass the onboard preamp, wire directly to the jack and use a beltclip preamp like an Aguilar or Sadowsky. If you're dead set on removing the piezos and really love the bass, do yourself a favor and buy a set of the monorail bridges, and swap the entire assembly. Monorail bridges can be ordered from any Ibanez dealer. Then at least you can sell the whole assembly to somebody (like me)! This will facilitate using an aftermarket onboard preamp, too. Good luck!

    PS Use a hardcase- that upper horn will break right off if you're not careful.
  9. JD1014

    JD1014 Guest

    Dec 26, 2007
    Well, I think the main problem was I was using TI Jazz Flats, and as much as I LOVE flats, they didn't quite work on this bass. I detest the finger noise with roundwounds, but have come to realize on "Ernestine" (the Ergodyne, doncha know!), the best thing for her is using roundwounds AND having the innards looked at. I'd totally forgotten I enjoyed rounds on her! For those familiar with the bass, the SECOND and FOURTH (closest to the input jack) are not working. Just bought DR Lo-Riders for her, and while I'm none too anxious to change the pickup RIGHT NOW, I can't wait to get the bass to a repair shop to see what her true potential is.

    The piezo TREBLE and VOLUME do not work, BTW....
  10. FunkMetalBass


    Aug 5, 2005
    Phoenix, Arizona 85029
    Endorsing Artist: J.C. Basses
    I'd take it to a shop first and have the electronics repaired before deciding to swap out the bridge.

    I think the Pickup is a typical EMG soapbar size.
  11. JD1014

    JD1014 Guest

    Dec 26, 2007
    I'd take it to a shop first and have the electronics repaired before deciding to swap out the bridge.

    THAT is what I'm gonna do, FUNKMETALBASS: I took her out and tried to put DR Lo-Riders on her, breaking the E string in the process. Put old (and very nice, for steel strings!) D'Addario Pro Steels on her, plugged her into my brand spankin' new (probably 1st in the city...??) Ampeg Micro CL setup (awesome! LOVIN' Ampeg more and more!) and NOTHING but that dreadful, sustained sound ya get when you forget to mute your bass and unplug your cord from the instrument! Scared the pee-waddin' outta me! The shop where I got her has an excellent repair shop downstairs...and an E-string is around $8 to replace from juststrings.com.

    Again, thanks to all who posted: this whole bass thing is in my blood, has replaced drinking as an addiction, so I wanna make a living with it (yeah, at FIFTY, I'm deciding to give this a go! LOL). I learned somethin' from all of you. Will update when I get her back from the shop....THIS is what I get for LOVING cheap basses, I guess! hehehehehe
  12. Krucial


    May 25, 2010
    Flats didn't work on this bass?
    Well, I only found out that flats didn't work well on the piezo's (the E and A string were sounding 'thin' and 'unnatural' compared to the D and G).
    However they worked well with the magnetic PU. And since your only using that, it shouldn't be a problem?
    Now I have tapes on them and they work well with both.

    I don't want to hike this thread, but there is another problem I encountered with the magnetic PU electronics: when I use the EQ of the magnetic, it's like turning on the radio in my amp, very anoying and it occurs only with this bass and only if I use the 'magnetic EQ'. Any idea's how to solve this?

    By the way: Thanx 'I got a mohawk' for pointing to the manual for the use of the trimming pot's on the back. For some strange reason, I hadn't figured out how they work and the previous owner as well as the local shop could't tell me this.