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  1. Me and some friends could have the chance to perform a song in front of the school soon, we're having alot of difficulty trying to decide on a song, I'm more keen on doing something for us, not just to get people to sing along, something that we would have alot of fun playing, so I suggested Chop Suey by System Of A Down, cool song, full of energy, would be alot of fun to play. My friend on the other hand is more interested in doing a pop song to fit in with the other stuff that gets played every year and is very uninteresting, coldplay, oasis (cool band yes but boring), Cheryl Cole etc etc. Not taking a dig at any of them though.
    So, looking for some suggestions, I obviously want something with a catchy bass riff, nothing too heavy, or to pop-ish either. A good rock song we could have fun playing that isn't taking it overboard because we're not amazing :D And no Muse, they are my favorite band, but I have no effects what so ever and no distortion on my amp so the bass wont sound all too good.
    Thank you:bassist:
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    People listening to music don't understand technical stuff. They like cheese. In fact, they like the spray cheese that comes out of a can.

    Play something cheesy. They'll beg you to play more.
  3. Yeah but, I'm not too bothered about everyone cheering for us, I just want to play a song that I could listen to myself, and that I could move about to. I was thinking of Song 2 - Blur actually, its a bit rocky, people recognise it and know the words
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    Do it! Everyone seems to want to play kick ass obscure stuff that the public at large just doesn't get. I think you have some good ideas.
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    What do you suppose you could choose that will get you an invitation to play for the school again? Even a star, really does have to please the audience.
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    When you play for an audience, particularly one composed of "civilians", it isn't about just you anymore. Sad but true.
  7. Good stuff guys. We still can't agree on a song though hahaha. Any suggestions?
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    What are they playing on the radio over there that makes the girlies swoon? Play that.
  9. To be honest it's mostly crap like "N Dubz" and "Chipmunk". If you havn't heard of them over there, please take my advice and don't look them up :) But, I dont think they have any instruments in there music at all apart from drums.
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    We've been talking about adding this one to our set list:

    I think it sounds like a winner.
  11. Man that's an awesome song! I'll suggest it when I next speak to my friends, thanks for showing me that hahaha
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    Go with Song 2! Its rocking, familiar enough for civilians, and pretty easy to play. I played that one at my first gig ever.
  13. The person the audience pays attention to is your singer. The most important factor for this gig is picking a song that's good for your singer's range and vocal style. Some suggestions:

    Black Crowes - Hard To Handle
    Cake - I Will Survive
    Alter Bridge - Find the Real (if your guitarist can handle it)
    Foo Fighters - The Pretender

    If you have a good keyboard player and really want people to remember your performance, you can try this classic:
    Focus - Hocus Pocus

    EDIT: Song 2 would be good too.