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I'm playing the Music As A Weapon tour...

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by nightcityburn, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. in Orlando on April 11th with Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, and some other metal bands.

    This is only my second show with the band, and my first will be 2 days before that.

    I will be honest, I am nervous. Even if we start playing as people file in, we have a chance to be entertaining a couple thousand people by the end of the set.

    Should I be nervous? I have never had stage freight before, but this is a different level. Any tips?
  2. Pee before you go on stage?

    Seriously though that is awesome.
  3. Yeah, I feel lucky to even get the chance. They are one of the better metalcore bands in Florida, especially since they don't have any sort of contract, other than a manager.
  4. Very nice good sir.

    I would be nervous too. Just rock the hell out of the place and enjoy this great opportunity!
  5. Thanks, I plan on having a good time. I am excited to see most of the bands there, eventhough disturbed isn't my thing. Hopefully they don't treat the second stage bands like second rate citizens, i.e. no backstage access.
  6. As far as I know, second stage stuff is where the real show is. Everyone watching Disturbed expects Disturbed; but on second stage, you are the unexpected element. All the action goes down at second stage -the crowd is usually more brutal in my experience-
  7. That is pretty awesome, congrats. Enjoy it all, a lot of people never come close to palying something like this. And second stage at those bigger tours is always the best stuff. YOu might not draw the same crowds, but think quality over quantity. IMO the fans who came just for Disturbed can have them.
  8. boobies. I am excited to play. How many people actually show up to these things?

  9. I am in the same boat. We aren't down with the sickness, nor are we in any way Nu-Metal. We are just hoping to have a good crowd, and play something huge.

    Last year I quit a pop rock band playing to 50 kids twice a month, which was cool. I played the CD release show, which was huge, 300+. Its just a monumental step forward. One to tell the kids about, ha.
  10. Congratulations. Since I have no real way to relate, I would suggest maybe not "evacuating" on yourself in any fashion. That sounds like it might be good advice to me. Also, while rocking out with your *@#! out might be funny to say, it might not actually be the ticket to fame and fortune that you're searching for...
  11. No fame and fortune neccessary, but I am thinking a wireless setup may be in order. Nothing like being able to run from left to right and not have to worry about exceeding my cable's limits.
  12. Yeah, I have heard this about the warped tour (you couldn't get me into there with a 20 mule team): The "lesser" acts made the tour and the main stage stuff was pointless. A friend of mine went several years ago (flogging molly and dropkicks were on it that year) and he is an actual punk fan (I won't get in to discussing that whole mess). He said most of the real fans could care less about listening to the bands who were playing the stuff they heard ad nauseum on every radio station in the country. He also said the crowds were pretty intense for the smaller bands at times.
  13. You will be fine. Just take some deep breaths and go for it. You usually have your best performance's when you are nervous. Congrats, that is a big accomplishment. Who is your band? Do you still have that T-40 Defret? I was on the fence about buying it, and wished I had. : (
  14. Yeah, I have been to warped quite a few times. I have gone and watched no name bands, and huge bands. I like intimacy, especially when I am watching bands that aren't about bringing THE mosh. If a band is being watched and they aren't huge, it usually means the fans are there supporting them. Its nice to see 300 or so watching a band and knowing every word.

    Metal bands, is a different story. People show up to bring the mosh, no matter what. 2-step, blast beat, breakdown. Warped and Taste of Chaos were the same way.
  15. Ha, no I sold it and bought another. That was a regret of mine. If you ever see threads about T-40s, look for me in there. I am usually the only nay sayer, but it needs some balance.

    Fender is where it is at, for me. I strung my Aerodyne with 115's last night (ridiculous for a 4 banger). I actually think I will have enough tension for Drop C, which is nice.

  16. Sindri907


    Feb 24, 2009
    Hey man, congratulations on landing a killer gig. I will agree with everyone else, the second stage is where its at. Whenever I go to a big show I always hit up the second stage, even if I was there to see a main act, because thats where you see all the great up and coming artists first. Its always cool to be able to tell people that you got to see <insert band name> before they were famous. Best of luck to you!
  17. OneMoreRobot


    Jan 23, 2009
    Wow dude, nice!!! Killswitch and Disturbed are like the top two metal bands in my humble opinion. They're actually the only two metal bands I will listen too...

    That's sweet that that's only your second show!
  18. Thanks. We landed the gig because of our manager. I probably can't say too much about financials, but you do have to pay for opportunity.
  19. Oh Fests... how i loath thee...

    I've done side stages at Warped Tours before as well as a TON of other smallER fests, but still talking thousands of kids comming out. i hate them. I am a tremendously sociable person but fests are like sensory overload for me and i usually find myself hanging out at merch booths instead. This is also due to us getting wrongly booked about 95% of the time. All three of us in the band were straightedge, but we weren't "one of those straightedge bands". So we usually got booked on those kinds of fests that have about 13 hours straight (lol pun) of kids ninja kicking eachother. Then we would play and scare/tick off everyone... then sit arround some more... *sigh*.

    As for fest playing tips:

    1. Do NOT worry too much about your sound. At these big fests, and especially smaller stages, the sound people are primarily there to get you on and off as quick as possible. The last thing you want to do is harp over each minute sound for too long while kids grow impatient. Impatient kids = bad reaction.

    2. Be energetic!!!! I can NOT stress this enough. As a musician and a fan, one of the things i simply will not tolerate are bands that are statues. Move around. Be exciting. Make eye contact with people. I don't know... maybe this is because i grew up going to shows like Jerome's Dream, Swing Kids, Antioch Arrow, Orchid, Pg99... but these bands REALLY got into it live and it just made the energy so wonderful.

    3. Wander arround and talk to people before-hand. The only saving grace i found for fests is the ability to meet new and interesting people. Don't just chill out at your booth. Talk to other bands, talk to kids. Tell everyone to check your band out.

    4. Don't be nervous. Cliche i know, but honestly, don't be nervous. Fest audiences are about the LEAST scrutinizing audiences you will ever play in front of, so relax and have fun!

    5. If you are of the substance using persuasion... wait until AFTER you play. I hate seeing bands stumbling around while they play.

    I dunno. I think that's okay for now. Just relax and have fun! I am sure you will do great. Playing metalcore in Florida is about as "preaching to the choir" as you can get. You WILL be well recieved, maybe just remember some of these things and you can surpass just "well recieved" and really stand out!

    Good luck!!!
  20. the_mathinator


    Mar 22, 2009
    hey i just bought some tickets to that show last night. im sure you'll do fine. and while your in the back try to meet lacuna coil. they are one of my favorite bands. and now you have at least one bass player rooting for you. and feel lucky you get to play the same stage as disturbed and lacuna coil. tons and tons of people would kill for that experience.

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