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  1. Hi guys - I bought this Kawai Bass used in Iceland back in 1992. I'm trying to find out the model and type. It has some names scratched in the back electric compartment (not sure what it's called), and dates. Looks like previous owners, the earliest one is from May 1984.
    It looks quite like the Kawai FIIB but fewer buttons. Also it says on the Kawai US webpage they were manufactured from 1985.
    I sent an email to Kawai US but didn't get an answer. So if you have any answers it would be very appreciated.


    First post here, hope the image shows.
    Thanks in advance, Kári
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    It is an F2B, just these basses came with various control setups. This is the most minimal I have seen. I have seen 4, 5 and 6 knob versions with as many as 6 switches and as few as 1, so you have a rare version. Is the headstock logo Gold or is it Pearl? The older versions were Pearl
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    I've only played one but it played and sounded great, sweet bass!
  4. It's the pearl logo. So do you think it is possible it's '84 or earlier model?
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    Hi! the bass that you have is called the Kawai FIIB Jr. i hope this is of some help.

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