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Installing new tuners

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by ADbassman, May 5, 2004.

  1. I'm installing new tuning keys onto my Aria Pro II Precision bass. Ther reason I'm replacing them is because the existing ones are hard to turn, and on the G key, the elephant ear thingy (don't know what its called) fell off. On the ones I purchased, the screw mounts are slightly larger than the ones on there already. Would it affect the bass at all if I screw the screws into new holes slightly farther apart than the holes already there?

    Also, is there any guage I can use to get them straight. One of the holes matches up, but it might be at an angle, I'm not sure.

    In addition, should I use the existing bush mountings or the ones that came with the new keys, if so, how do I remove the old ones?

  2. Be wary of putting a new set of holes next to old unfilled holes. It would be very easy to slip as you drill the new holes and have the bit squirrel over into the old one. Just fill the old holes with a single round toothpick and some carpenters glue. Trim the dried glue and wood flush with the back of the headstock and mount your new hardware. Dont try to align the holes. To make the tuner straight, just make the stem perpendicular to the edge of the headstock and you'll be fine. After the first one is mounted, it's easy to align the rest.

    By all means, use the new bushings for your installation as long as they meet your standards for looks, match, and function. If the old ones match the hardware better, then use those. To get the old bushings out, go to your toolbox and get a socket that fits the hole in the wood on the back of the headstock. It should be small enough to go into the hole but large enough to be blocked from passing all the way through by the stuck bushing. Place the neck on a flat surface, face down. Put the socket in the hole and rap it with a hammer. This should pop the bushing out quickly. Proceed until all are done. You should test fit the new bushings next. Too tight and a little sandpaper work will fix it. Too large and you might have to shim the shank of the bushing. I've used Teflon tape - the thin white tape used in plumbing as a thread sealant - wrap the tape around the outside of the shank, enough to make the bushing fit snugly in the hole. Don't worry about sonic transfer - The tuner shaft does more of this than any other part of the tuner.

    Hope this helps
  3. Bass


    Nov 10, 2003
    Does anyone have tips for aligning the tuners?

    I'll be installing tuners in a Warmoth neck in the near future and I want them to look straight. Do you draw a line square to the headstock or use a jig of some kind?
  4. Use a small square hooked over the headstock edge and alongside a flat side of the tuner's chassis plate.