Invitation on 6/8

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  1. Hello, I´m looking for a Latin Version of Invitation, by Latin i mean hard syncopated Db, Ray Drummond´s version was too light, Bill Evans and Eddie too proper. I´m thinking on Fort Apache, Los Hombres Calientes, Ray Barretto or something similar any ideas?

  2. Hello, I´m just answering my question (in case somebody is looking for 6/8). a few examples that i´ve found:

    Virginia Mayhew\Nini Green (Bass H. Schwartz) Awesome.

    Philly Joe Jones - Drum Songs

    Invitation - Rob McConnell and The Boss Brass

    Invitation - Ray Drummond - Excursion.

    Attached a few examples of 6/8. I´m practicing with a Cuban Drummer (actually he´s giving me some lessons) and he gave me some patterns, very sincopated... Hard ! even Dogs bark in Clave...

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