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iRig HD 2 vs multi effects processors

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by IamSpurgeon, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, I am Spurgeon from Ghana, West Africa... I'm ordering my first bass(only had a 4 string acoustic for years, yes pretty sad ) Sire M7 5st Alder tone for days for all kinds of genre(super elated about that) And I'm trying to head towards Semi Pro, and I'm thinking effects and all that...
    1. Would the iRig HD 2 be good enough(reliable, good for music and would it last the next 5 years) considering there's the full Amplitube software, I can buy virtual pedals on there, I can use other third party software as my digital 'rig' like ampkit+... Only thing I'm missing here is an expression pedal (I can easily buy that)... Or I should just go for the boss, or digitech or zoom...?
    2. Would the iPad mini 4 be able to handle the the sire M7 active through the the iRig then into the iPad, in terms of processing power and all that (I'm not a tech guy)
    3. Let's say I do go in for the iRig HD 2... Where does the expression pedal fit ...

    My goal is to be able to jam with effects of any kind, say some wah, phraser, compression(all day ), EQ, and a looper(for practice and creating my own music like janek gwidzala)... I'm not a fan of having many small pedals... Everything should fit into the sire bass guitar bag when it arrives...
    Please please give me your opinions cause my budget is tight and I can't afford to make a mistake ... GraciasāœŒ
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  2. TheEmptyCell

    TheEmptyCell Bearded Dingwall Enthusiast Banned

    There's lots of FX options on iOS. If you don't have any pedals now, I don't think you'd necessarily be missing out on anything, but none of the apps really cater to bass players specifically.

    You'd need a MIDI footswitch to do looping and expression, and I don't think the iRig would pair up well with that. So I think you should look at iOS-compatible interfaces that have midi through, and use that in conjunction with the camera connection kit.
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  3. Wow thanks a lot... So with this MIDI thing going on, any brands to look out for??
  4. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    Have a look at Positive Grid's offerings. They make incredible software and bluetooth controllers - one of which let you use an expression pedal.

    Their Bias FX app should do everything you want and work fine on your iPad mini 4 - where it'll still work perfectly in 5 years time is another matter. Your ipad will be very out of date by then and possibly not able to run the uptodate software.

    You will still need an interface regardless of what app and bluetooth controller you use, the IK HD you're looking at should work fine.
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  5. ChubbyJerk

    ChubbyJerk Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2011
    Chicago, IL
    I'm still half asleep, so maybe I missed it, but is there a reason why you want to go iRig over a digital multi-family unit? I think either the Boss GT-1b or Zoom B3n will sound better, cost less, and be far easier to set up. Both are cheap, sound good, and will fit in your gig bag. Add an FS7 to the GT or an expression pedal to the Zoom and you've got what you need.
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  6. Thanks a lot I'd read up on them ad check some videos as well...
  7. TheEmptyCell

    TheEmptyCell Bearded Dingwall Enthusiast Banned

    I don't have any experience running a rig like this, but I've read a lot about iOS setups, and can give you a few suggestions.

    I forgot about the Bluetooth capabilities of iOS rigs, so perhaps easier still would be a regular iRig Pro HD or Line 6 Sonic Port VX, and then a Bluetooth foot pedal like the Positive Grid BT-4 and then add any compatible expression pedal. This only gives you 4 footswitches, so if you're trying to control an app like Loopy while also juggling effects in another app, you may need something with more switches.

    In the end, however, I don't think iOS rigs are really ready for use for both effects and looping; there just isn't enough support for footswitches and the like to make it a seamless operation. I might just recommend you get something like the Zoom b3n and a TC Electronic Ditto Stereo or x4. Mount them to a small flat board, add an extension cable to plug the two power supplies into, and then rock like that.
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  8. I use both the IOS and Mac versions of AmpliTube and love them but in the end I think you would be better off going with the boss or zoom options for two reasons.. #1 cost will be much less by the time you purchase the Irig and the software you want...#2 the ease of setup will be much better.... if you go with the Irig hd2 you might be able to put an expression pedal in before you run to an amp... I run the old Irig hd that doesn't have an output to run to my amp and requires the Istomp pedal .... it's a real tone sucker ...
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  9. Roger that... Can I get a link of some sort?
  10. Cheap, sounds good, fits into the bag.... Thanks mate... Gonna read reviews and make a final choice...
  11. Havent
    Haven't heard of the TC electronic.... Gonna look into that... Thanks...
  12. Ok so I take it that the HD rig is more for practice and then the zooms and Co are for more live live sessions... Both could however work but in terms of ease of operation I'm any given situation, zooms, boss and Co have more merit.... Thanks mate...
  13. stealth94rt


    Jul 8, 2012
    I'm currently using an iRig HD, iPhone 4S and JamUp XT along with the IK PowerBridge to keep the rig/phone powered without draining the phone's battery. It works and sounds great, but IMO is not so reliable for use "out in the field". I'm on the verge of abandoning this for gig use in favor of a dedicated multi-effects unit, like Zoom MS-70CDR or B3n. If I were in your shoes I would definitely go the dedicated pedal route and save the iRig HD for home/studio use.
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  14. Roger that, seems the iRig+iOS would be more efficient and versatile for home studio production...

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