It works! Open letter..... part 2

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    I figured I would start a new thread with some results. Here's the original. The letter from the bar owner is a great read if you haven't had the chance.

    So, I played a gig Saturday night. I have known this club owner for 5 or 6 years now. I have played this place in a dozen different bands. Cut to the chase.......

    An hour before the show I walked up to him and akse if I could talk to him a minute. I said "Hey Bill, let's make you some money tonight. What are you pushing on Saturdays." He said "Huh?" I said, what drinks make you some money. What kinds of things to YOU want people to order. I have a very powerful tool on stage called a mic, and I know how to use it." He proceeded to tell me what kinds of drinks he did well with, and also what he is trying to do with the bar these days in general (something different every night and never a cover charge, blah blah blah).

    So I let it rip on the mic. Probably 3 times in the first set I plugged the stuff we had talked about. I even made up a story about having gotten one of the drinks he mentioned before the show and how it was the best thing ever, etc. During the set break, he called me into his office. He told me that in 20 years of being in the bar business, he had NEVER had ANYONE ask HIM what they could do for him as far as pushing certain things and plugging events, etc. He told me that I was always welcome in his bar with any band I put together. All I had to do was call and he would find me a date. By the end of the night, he had invited my wife and I to his beach house. It won't always work that well but.....

    Trying not to make this too long. Short version: IT WORKS! TRY IT SOON! ASK the club owner/manager what you can do to help make THEM some money. Use terms like "bottom line" and "profit margin". I'm a business person and I appreciate people who talk in my terms. Turns out club owners are no different.

    Thanks to rokinrayduke for the original post!
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    Nov 20, 2007

    no seriously...... good job!
  3. Awesome. This should be linked to the other "open letter" thread.

    For the longest time, I did not attend to the very real business elements of being a paid entertainer in a club or bar. As soon as I started thinking more in terms of business models, dollars and cents, operating costs, and win-win scenarios for my band and the venue owner, everything changed for the better.

    I realize as creative musician types (who copy other people's music and do the weekend superstar thing) we don't always think about the money trail. But it has its rewards.
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    EVERYONE is in sales. EVERYONE. The only difference is that some of us know it (and are OK with it) and some of us don't. You tell me what you do for a living and I'll tel you how it's sales.
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    It was a joke dude!
    Someone on this forum is sure to disagree with you and try to start an argument, (that sure seems to be the norm) I just thought that I would get it out of the way early.

    didn't you read the part where I complemented you?
  6. Great work. It can only help to get the bar staff on your side!
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    May 12, 2012
    awesome. I'm going to do that this weekend.
  8. Awesome! Auditioning for my first cover band soon and these are some things I'm going to take to heart. As the new guy and the 17 year old, I can't very well do all of these things, but I can have a talk with the band about it.

    That'll be later down the road, but thanks for sharing!
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    The following is sarcasm:

    Well, you obviously must be a sell out and are "just going along to get along" (yes that one is for you Jungleheat) and probably knukcle under to every a-hole you meet in life and as such have a miserable, pitiful, unproductive existence. How much better it would be if you went through life expecting everyone to recognize your enourmous talent, respect the amount of time and money you've put into honing your craft (because nobody but musicians invest time and money into their business), and then "standing up for yourself" when they don't.

    The following is not sarcasm:

    Thanks Two Fingers for this story. Although I've always tried to hold up my end of the bargain as a musician in a club, I sometimes forget that there is always a little more that can be done that takes very little investment in time and money to work with the club owner.
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    If you'd like to drink some soda, let me hear you say 'Coca-Cola'...
  11. I feel vindicated by your story as I made reference to this in my post on the previous thread. Well done!

    BUT, did he confirm that the bottom line improved on those items you were plugging?
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    Mar 29, 2012
    I don't think that was the point. The venue owner understands that this band/member wants to help him for the benefit of all. That is a person you want to work with.
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    I'll bring that up to the singer /gui****. We'll see if he remembers it after stepping outside for a couple one hitters.
  14. No, sure, I understand. "Consulting" with the customer (asking what they want to see/hear) is always a great thing to do, proven by the OP. Just wanted to know if the secondary effect (increasing bar sales/revenues) also happened. Reason is that if the "consult and plug" doesn't work, it will look like a sham eventually.

    No offence intended. Maybe I'm not communicating right.
  15. Good job two fingers.
  16. True, but I wish I had this knowledge when I was 17!

    Even if you're not playing at bars, but at coffee shops or other all ages places, you can still figure out and ask the owners/organizers what makes them more money and/or makes their night easier. Having the mindset that unless you can sell yourself, and help others make money too, will really help your music career in the long run.
  17. that's what she said?
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    Well played sir!
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    Sorry guy. I just started a new semester and four different kinds of math has me on edge. My knee jerked. Thanks.
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    Two day later he did. He actually left me a voice mail while I was in class and said that his alcohol vendor was surprised at the increase in some particular kind of booze that goes into the drink I was pushing. Bill, the owner, even said the bartender told him that a couple of days later people were sitting at the bar saying "My friend told me about this great drink they had Saturday night.... can I try one...... "

    Either way. The owner is on my side now. That's one club I never have to worry about booking again.