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    Jan 4, 2002
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    I would like to take the time out and send a mad shout out to fellow TBer j-raj,J sent me a 13 track CD featuring his bass playing and in all honesty I really dig his Bass Playing overall.J seem to be(on this CD)about the Groove and the support of the song.his tone(to my ears)is top notch and very pleasant in the mix.as a producer as well as a Bassist I would have no problem hiring j-raj to play on some of my projects and if there is anyone in Atlanta or the Atlanta Area that is in need of such a talent I would calmly suggest checking this very talented Bassist out.
  2. I'll second Jauqo's appraisal of Jairaj: killin' player and a deep groover! it doesn't hurt that he's a very cool cat as well!


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