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  1. Folks -

    I recently bought a used J-Retro but I'm having some trouble with the install. Specifically, how to ground it. I have no problems connecting the pickups but the instructions on the East website appear to reference a ground wire that doesn't exist on the unit I bought.

    My bass has a ground wire but I'm not sure where to attach it on the pre.

    If anyone has advice/suggestions, I'm wide open.

    Thanks in advance!


    Instructions from the East Website:



    A photo of my actual unit:

  2. Solder your bass's ground wire to the center lug on the input jack.

  3. Funkinthetrunk

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    The wire may have been removed by the previous owner...just solder it to that terminal on the output jack. It's the terminal that is attached to the center of the jack.
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    Gotta agree with the other posters - the stock ground wire must have been removed by the previous owner. In these pics, it looks like the preamp's missing ground wire (white w/gray stripe) was indeed connected to the center lug of the output jack. :cool:
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    Agreed...I think it's the center lug on the input jack. In the event that your ground wiree from your bass isn't long enough to reach the retro (i don't know why that would happen) or if you just want to, you can get a small piece of wire and create a jumper cable so your ground can get attached in the open. Then you can connect the jumper to the ground wire and heat shrink around it. Hope that helps Dwayne
  6. Thanks, guys! :hyper:
  7. I have the J-Retro, and I can understand someone removing that wire. Why solder to a wire which is soldered to the center lug. It's just another solder point that can get loose etc.

    I think they make it like that because they advertise the J-Retro preamp to be be a drop in replacement that doesn't requiring soldering, so technically you could just twist the 2 wires together and wrap in electrical tape.

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    I'd email John East on this. He's very helpful.

    John East - East UK

    [email protected]