Jamming/Recording Gear for my Girlfriend

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    Sep 22, 2017
    Hello, I'll start by saying I do not know lots about audio equipment I'm not so musically inclined but my girlfriend is a pretty talented guitar player and became really interested after seeing my musician and DJ buddies work with a looping pedal/drum machine, looper pedal type thing. Since her birthday's coming up I thought it the perfect gift. She hasn't worked with foot pedals/loopers lots but I have no doubt she'll pick it up in no time.

    I've been looking at the following setup which will be used for jamming, recording loops for some song writing:
    1) Digitech Trio - for bass and drum/jamming over, and to send the tracks to a looper. Jamming on the fly, not having to program/work tons on a laptop or rely on software
    2) Digitech JamMan Solo XT - Looper, storing tracks/exporting them to a laptop
    3) FS3X Foot Switch - To make transitions during jamming more fluent

    Those 3 items will run me about $400 CAD so I'm looking at a budget around there.

    A few questions/concerns:
    - Do you see any issues with the above setup in terms of compatibility/other issues, or does it look like something decent for the purpose?
    - I just want to double check the JMSXT will be able to recognize what's being played on the Trio and loop it to allow for further layers
    - Do you recommend a different setup? If so what?
    - It seems like I could get an all-in-one looper/drum machine type thing like the Trio+ but I feel like this setup allows for more overall options, as well as upgrade-ability from the Trio if that's what she wants in the future.

    Like I said, I'm no musician besides singing so I came to the experts to make sure I don't spend that money on the wrong equipment. I found a similar setup in a youtube video although he's using the Ditto Looper, whereas I decided the JMSXT seemed a bit more useful/versatile.

    Thanks in advance!
    -SomeCluelessGuy looking to make his girlfriend happy
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  2. I'm not so shure that the trio and a looper are a good pair. Seems like two different concepts to me.

    Doesn't she want to record vocals? Both lack a mic-input. The Jamman Stereo, which is the same price as the XT + the footswitch, has a mic-input. And it makes the footswitch superfluous.
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    Jan 12, 2017
    I agree, the Jamman Stereo is the way to go, it's everything in one package. No need for the extra pedals, and the interface is easier to work with (more buttons for specific functions vs less button with multiple functions).