Jazz Bass Aluminum Pickguard Hole Adjustments

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    Hi and Happy New Year, bass peeps!

    Recently, a friend offered me a cool aluminum pickguard for my Fender American Performer Jazz. It is faux diamond plate, but looks so much better than the plastic/laminate version. The only issue is that I think that this particular guard was made for a Geddy Lee Jazz and the holes don't match up (there are a couple of extras and a couple missing).

    This particular pickguard is almost impossible to find, so I was thinking about putting in decorative screws in the extra holes and drilling new holes where needed.

    Does anyone know of any screws that are designed simply to cover the hole, but that don't require making new holes in the bass? I suppose I could just get short screws (or cut longer ones) and epoxy them in, but any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

  2. That would be my suggestion. Find the screws that fit the countersinks, probably #6 oval head, and cut the heads off and glue them in the pickguard.
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    Feb 16, 2011
    Any existing holes in the body that don’t line up with holes in the guard, let them go. Any holes in the body that are close but don’t line up perfectly with holes in the guard, fill with a good 2 part epoxy then drill them where they need to be. Any holes in the guard with no corresponding body holes, drill body holes for them. Then you guard will mount correctly with screw heads flat in their countersinks.
    If you go the epoxy route it’s important to fill the hole a bit proud then scrape of shave it down level with the finish. It’s the only way to get a good center punch for your pilot drill if the center is close to the edge of the existing hole.
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