Jazz chord/scale question

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  1. Maybe one of you jazz guys can help me out with this one...

    In a 13 (b5) chord, would you use a lydian dominant chord over it?

    Mind you, it has a flat five, so there is no natural fifth.

    Just wondering what the traditional answer is.
  2. Kelly Coyle

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    I don't think there is any "natural" scale for that chord. If you just sort of map out the pitches --

    C D E F Gb A Bb C

    -- the little chromatic sequence there makes it so that no normal scale, or mode of a scale, will suit it. I think "normally" with a 7b5 chord I would be inclined to flat the 13th, too, and then use the whole tone scale or something. But if confronted with that chord as is (and if I had a minute to think about it), I would do the common tone thing and take the chord tones

    C E Gb Bb A

    and fill in the remaining notes from the key of the progression. I expect that the 11 will be an avoid note in any case.
  3. Yeah, I agree that that particular chord calls for a synthetic scale. Thanks for your advice!