Jean Wells' bassist?

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  1. rhythmbananist


    Jan 9, 2014
    Sadly, I can't find any recording credits online. The bass work is genius. Anyone know who it is or recognise the style of playing?

    I'm particularly interested in who plays on the following tracks:

    Have A Little Mercy

    Thanks in advance! :)
  2. rhythmbananist


    Jan 9, 2014
    While there isn't much online documentation to go on, I am aware that Jean Wells recorded in and around the Philadelphia area throughout the late 60's...
    I've done a bit of music scouring from the period/area and I think it could very well be Ronnie Baker (MFSB, The Trammps) playing bass on these tracks.

    Comparing two songs, the following run stood out to me:

    An excerpt from Jean Wells' "Keep Your Mouth Shut (And Your Eyes Open)" released in 1969:

    I'd be interested to hear other peoples thoughts.

    Also, if there are any Ronnie Baker buffs out there, can you give me some examples of his work pre disco?


    Looks like I've answered my own question to some degree. An amended google search brings up a couple of pages confirming that Ron Baker (as well as Earl Harris and Norman Young) produced and made up the rhythm section on "Keep Your Mouth Shut (And Your Eyes Open)". Given that, I'd imagine they're also the team on "With My Love And What You've Got (We Could Turn This World Around)". Not 100% sure about the other ones. Let me know if you have a hunch.