Just Finished My First Gig

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  1. I just got home from playing at my first live show. We do mostly classic blues and R&B. Tonight we played at a combination New Years and Wedding Party. I was all sorts of nervous. We don't have a lead guitarist, and a couple songs that rely more on bass had me worried about screwing up(Stand By Me, Fire).

    In the end, I think I played better than any rehearsal we did of the set list. I think I noticed maybe 3 very minor mistakes across the board, so we pretty much crushed it, and the crowd loved it. It was fantastic having my first show in the books. :)
  2. Congratulations! Be happy, be proud.
  3. Good on ya! I wish I could remember my first gig
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    Feb 12, 2007

    After all the years and all the gigs, I still remember my very first one.
  5. I feel ya,I still member the first NYE gig I played, just spent my first NYE at home acct baby so glad I'm outta the NYE thing but I sure miss it. so much fun. ima goat sleep now
  6. I remember my first paying gig with a "real" band. I was 15 and we played Kiss, Creedence, BTO, etc. at a foosball arcade.

    At the end of it, cute girls were helping us carry our gear out to the keyboard player's mom's station wagon. I figured out this was a really good thing. I think my cut of the door was about $3.50. :)
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    +1 warning: gigs are addictive :thumbup:
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    They get easier.
  9. Funny how getting in front of a crowd seems to put you on your A game. My first gig was New years eve 1965 - 1966. I was 13 and I can still remember most of the set list from it. Congrats and keep it up. It will give you a lifetime of great memories. Now , get off my lawn lol:eyebrow:
  10. Hey Gusthebassdog - big congrats on the first gig! Here is some really good news for ya. Playing live will usually involve some degree of nervousness before the show (that may wear off after a lot of gigging, but just expect it for now). Some people get energized by that and others fold. You didn't fold, so you are he energized type! Now, get started on planning the next gig!