Kasino Bass combo

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Hi, just taking a walk down memory lane. Anyone remember the old Kasino bass combo amps? They were crazy! Had a head built in, and if you took off the front cover, you would discover a 1-15" Acoustic 360 style cabinet... the cab was a folded horn with a 15" speaker, and it was loud... I remember I was short of cash and lusted after it...

    The Kasino series if I remember correctly was a member of the Kustom company.....

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    Oct 2, 2018
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    OK, a few years late, but here goes...
    I had one of these. They used a 4-ohm 15" driver facing backwards into a folded horn. I replaced mine with a custom-built JBL D140 4-ohm recone, and it was great. The only thing is you had to be 20 feet away from it before you could really hear what it sounded like. If you backed it into the corner of a room it sort of extended the horn effect and everybody loved it. I used it together with an ampeg B15N so I could hear what I was doing.