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    Does anyone know what kind of amp EQ the late Kelly Groucutt (ELO) used during the Discovery album? Can't seem to come close to it by myself, so just wondering what you guys can come up with. Cheers :bassist:
  2. I would be surprised if he even used an amp for recording given that time period, DI recording was the gold standard, most likely he played thru some uber nice mic pre of the day.

    IIRC he used to use a very custom bass rig made up of Crown and McIntosh gear. When I saw ELO he played Gibson Grabber & G-3 basses and a Fender P.
  3. i dont know if this topic is still relative but i i love ELO so i might as well give my input. I dont have a hard copy of discovery, but on the second disc inner sleeve of Out of Blue (the album previous to Discovery) it specifically lists a lot of their gear. It says Kelly Groucutt Played a Gibson G3. The amps list is as follows: Acoustic Control Corp., Harmon Kardon, Marhall amps (Tony Frank custom built for Jeff Lynne). Gauss speakers. All road cases by Anvil. It doesnt lists specific models, but i would have to guess Groucutt was playing Acoustic control stuff.
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    Kelly Groucutt also played a Hofner bass, as evidenced by this photo: upload_2021-3-16_15-59-56.jpeg