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Ken Friedman - Vancouver Symphony principal

Discussion in 'Orchestral Auditions [DB]' started by Douglas.Nestler, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I see that the Vancouver Symphony has a principal bass audition coming up. Does anyone know why Ken Friedman left? I played for him a few years ago; he seemed like a good teacher. I didn't think that he was of retirement age.
  2. bejoyous


    Oct 23, 2005
    London, Ontario
    The advert says he's played there for 39 years.
  3. Fred19137


    Jan 23, 2009
    active musician
    personal reasons. I don;t know him personally but I would guess maybe health, maybe relationship, maybe moving, maybe he just felt like giving someone else a chance.
  4. ILIA


    Jan 27, 2006
    39 years is a LOOOOOONG time.
  5. Greg Sheldon

    Greg Sheldon

    Jan 15, 2008
    Vancouver audition is over, any word? I'll take a crazy guess - they're going international right??
    Anybody know??

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