Korg AX3000B ?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by dadodetres, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    anybody has any info on this? _:

    i was browsing music123.com and find it, but cant find any other info on the forum, or in korg`s site.

    seems interesting...... i was wondering how it sounds

    i love my AX1B but it VERY restricted....
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    Finally. I was losing hope.
    They added a lot more effects than there are in the AX-10B.
    3000B suggests the same kind of quality as in the older 300B.
  3. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004

    i was wondering if effects have more parameters, more options, and the posibility of choosing the order of the effects...

    any one tryed one?

    it is new, right?
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    It's not out yet. Not even on Korg's official site.
    Download the patch editing program to get the idea about parameters.
    No, you can't choose the order of effects (which reveals useless 9 times out of 10).
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    Quick review.

    - Impeccable construction. Sturdy, smells like reliability. Wide pedal course.
    - Incredible ergonomy. There are tons of functions but you still quickly understand everything without the manual. There are a lot of backlights and LEDs to guide you. For example, on a given effect, only the useful knobs are backlit, on the others the light is off. Each setting name appears in letters on the LCD screen with physical parameters and units, not just vague numbers. It speaks in ms, dB, Hz, etc.
    - The insert goes between pre-fx and modulations so you can insert a preamp there. You can blend it with clean signal.
    - Stock presets are crappy as can be. Don't trust them to define the unit. Half are space station burbs, the rest is badly adjusted patches.
    - There's an Individual mode that allows you to use each section as a separate pedals with all parameters instantly adjustable by knobs. Great to build your sounds or real-time tweaking.
    - In Program mode there are 24 banks, browsable with up-down buttons and 4 patches in each. You can navigate from any patch to another without a glitch. There's about a 1/8 s glitch between program changes but not when they're in the same bank.
    - A Control footswitch allows additional functions to be applied to any patch. The Expression pedal can be affected to any parameter with up and down limits. There's a switch at the end of the course.
    - The ESS system is a blast. A bit difficult to explain. you can choose any parameter on any effect and program 8 different settings for it. You can then automatically run sequences of settings based on the patch, at a given speed (or control speed with the exp pedal or tap). They can go straight through the steps, backward, random etc. With a filter, you get a Murf style effect. With a pitch shifter, it's an arpeggiator. On echo tape time it sounds like a gliding Moog. Endless possibilities, crazy stuff but a lot of programming to do. It really is a brilliant innovation.
    - The pre-FX section offers a bit of everything, so you can have 2 modulations going at the same time, for example.
    - EQs, modulations and time effects are excellent, as usual with Korg. The Swell is the most musical I ever heard. Awesome choice of delays. Infinite feedback available. 2.7s looper with overlayering, play over loop, control of input and/or output. Tap delay.
    - Synth tracks fast but is limited in use and far from great. Single oscillator, single filter.
    - Filters are way cool and offer several interesting tones. Wah is good, with proper tweaking it should be great.
    - Distortions are so-so, good lows, lots of settings but not much personnality. Models are your typical Pandora / AX-10B tones, just much more punchy.
    - Compression is simplistic but very efficient. Limiters offer more settings. The Korg Exciter still works like a charm.
    - The Bypass isn't. it doesn't really degrade the tone but definitely colors it. Not a hint of hiss/hum even on extreme settings.


    I expected more, probably too much. I'm still very impressed by some of the functions in this box. Synths won't replace my Akai and I'm not about to ditch the Fulltone.

    For now I won't buy it but if I didn't own any effect and wanted a great collection, it would be at the top of the list. Finally a valuable replacement for my old AX-1B. It blows away the GT-6B in each and every section I can think of. Now, there's a GT-8B in the tubes.

    For €uromites, there's a promotional offer on Thomann right now, it goes for 299 € with a gigbag.
  6. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    hey jazz, great review!

    ill wait till some ftore here in uruguay decides to bring and sell them (maybe never) and try it for real.

    i have a question, does extreme compression sounds like the extreme compression on the AX1B? (that claypoolian`s oysterhead sound) cause thats the feauture i like most on the green unit.
    Also on setting the compressors do you still have only 1 parameter? or can we adjust theshold, ratio, attack and/or releas?
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    Yes, on extreme settings the compressor really squashes the tone the same way the AX-1B did, even more actually, at max setting it's unusable unless you're tapping. Only 2 settings for the compressor, sensibility and a volume level to compensate.
    Limiter offers ratio (from 0.0 to 10.0), attack, threshold and level.
  8. dadodetres


    Dec 19, 2004
    Bump for more information, and more reviews based on personal experience...... anyone?

    I wonder why they keep naming "limiter" the compressors.... the BOSS limiter/enhencer is also a compressor...
  9. atheos


    Sep 28, 2008
    Tampere, Finland
    Zombies are popular so I'll post here...

    My personal opinion: the compressor and limiter totally suck. I tried to do something to keep my speakers from popping out while slapping but the limiter doesn't really do anything sensible (yes, I know how to use one) and the compressor squeezes the signal at every treshold setting, it's kind of sucky <-> suckier. Another con is that the effect loop mix is not adjustable, it's either on or off. Third complainment is the latency of the pitch shifter, it's impossible try to play any fast riffs with pitch shift on.

    Otherwise a nice piece of hardware, I really like everything else than those things I mentioned.
  10. my only comment to add to the above is the wah is too limiting... maybe im just far too used to my weeping demon but it seems like all the pedal does is 'quack' and can't actually be used as a filter like the weeping demon (ie extreme treble)... ALOT of programming is needed... but a quick fiddle with the stuff on there and theres alot of really cool sounds that can be made... lots of synthy/spacey stuff... bought it two weeks ago and haven't had too much chance to fiddle with it :( theres only one distortion on there that is actually decent... all the rest sound weak and horrible :( I'm pretty much going to use this as a synth machine and have the dedicated stomp boxes for distortion etc,...