KYDD vs. Dean Pace

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  1. 48thStreetCustom


    Nov 30, 2005
    I'm trying to decide on buying either a used KYDD Carry On or a new Dean Pace. I've read lots of other posts and know both are relatively inexpensive and not exactly a substitute for DB. But for me size and price are a concern.

    I just wanted to put some questions out there: Which is a better value? What advantages do one have over the other? Which one would you all recommend?
  2. I owned a Kydd for a while.... the whole thing to those basses IMO is the type of preamp you use prior to going into your amp. Even with a high input impedence head, you definitely need some sort of outboard pre for that very harsh sounding piezo pickup. I used the BassDriver Acoustic DI and it actually ended up sounding very nice.... the 'tube emulation' circuit in that preamp really warmed up the bass and took the edge of it. Of course, it didn't sound like a DB, but closer to a DB than a typical fretless bass guitar. I had the 30" scale... very portable and well made... just make sure to add a couple hundred dollars to the cost for a preamp. I'm not familiar with the other product.
  3. wilsonn


    Sep 26, 2005
    New York
    I liked the feel of the Kydd much more than the Dean. Pretty big difference in price. Sound on the Kydd is more 'real'. Dean was much more like an electric fretless sound. I think the Ergo is much better than the Dean, and comparable to the Kydd.

    I carry my Ergo in an Undercover case made for the NS which I bought for around $135 from Bass Central. It's very portable.

    I would buy an Ergo again before I bought a Dean or a Kydd.

  4. DaveDeVille

    DaveDeVille ... you talkin' to me ?? Supporting Member

    i agree with the fretless sound ... although i wasn't all that impressed with the Kydd either .
    i did try both basses , the Kydd looked nicer for sure , but still not
    worth the extra money , imo ...
    i own a Pace Bass and it's ok , not all that upright sounding though ...
    my wife bought it for me on my 50th birthday .

    i've changed strings to La Bella tapewounds , raised the action slightly ,
    and am running it through my Aguilar DB924 preamp .

    i guess it's put together pretty well { except the set screw for the 'D'string was missing } ...
    well actually , i did later find it in the bottom of my case , so at least they did include it .:D

    i've only used it once at an outdoor gig , but my band and the audience seemed to like the sound .
    i'll try to upload some pictures tonight when i get home from practice ...
  5. 48thStreetCustom


    Nov 30, 2005
    Thanks for the replies. I still haven't made a decision so appreciate all the opinions.

    As for the Ergo, what's the cost of a 4-string? would it fit in an overhead compartment? Would the Dean Pace fin in an overhead?
  6. speedster


    Aug 19, 2005
    Ontario Canada
    Price on the Ergo is around $700 US dollars, it is 52 inch's long and weigh's approx. 6 lbs.

    The stand is a cymbal stand from a drum kit and weighs 3 -4 lbs. I carry mine in a fold out chair bag which comes with folding nylon chairs.

    The Ergo sounds incredibly good and pretty close to an amplified upright. Very much like the Eminence EUB in tone and playability is excellent.

    With some tinkering I have mine dialed in very nicely, and tinkering is a part of the game regardless of whether it is an EUB or a regular Upright.

    Pickup placement and pressure are big factors in both........

    Check out Jesse's website, Neil Wilson attached a link in a previous post above.
  7. DaveDeVille

    DaveDeVille ... you talkin' to me ?? Supporting Member

    close up of bridge { can you see the white slot for the missing 'D' set screw ? }
    and a headstock shot ...

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  8. DaveDeVille

    DaveDeVille ... you talkin' to me ?? Supporting Member

    a couple more shots ...

    full body shot and stand .

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  9. A couple of months late...

    I have played a KYDD since '99 and enjoyed it a great deal. It took some effort to get the intonation set properly, but it's been a good, stable instrument since. I use the K&K Pocket Preamp (got it from Bob Gollihur) and it made all the difference in the world. Also, the amp is key. I use an Eden 550/212 rig that sounds fantastic.

    The workmanship, fit and finish and materials on the KYDD are far superior to the Dean and, while it doesn't have a wildly arched bridge/neck, does have a more "double-bassy" feel to it. I think the KYDD is worth the extra bucks, especially when teamed with the right preamp.