Leland Sklar, Thank You, Don't Stop

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    Feb 7, 2020
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    How in the world could anybody find a mean thing to say about Leland Sklar? How could anybody who already watches his videos take the effort to post nasty comments to the music world's kind, humble bass grandpa?
    C'mon, TBers. Let's take a skinny minute to say "Thanks" to Leland Sklar, we're not going to stand idly by when you are being trolled.
    Personally I look forward to tuning out the daily stress with Sklar's lighthearted storytelling. If you don't like it, don't watch. But don't be nasty to the statesman of the bass guitar.

    Let's go. I'll start:
    Thank you, Mr. Sklar, for spending your time freely sharing stories about the creative process, studio and tour war stories, and inside scoop about so many of my musical heroes. Thank you for sharing what are essentially free bass lessons. Thank you for letting us into your life and being vulnerable and open and being yourself in front of the camera, and making us feel like family.

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    Thank you!!
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    I just subscribed. :) Lee’s videos have been great. It’s a rare treat to be able to listen to someone of his stature tell stories about the recordings he’s been part of. Unfortunately there is no shortage of cynics (I say that as a cynic myself) who live to find “conspiracies” or plots wherever they can. There is also a growing number of people who feel entitled to free content. I think it’s fantastic that Lee puts up these free videos (and I have no doubt that he is doing so with the noblest of intentions) but if he wants to try and develop some way of monetizing his efforts then more power to him.
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    May 30, 2003
    Mr Sklar, you are very generous with your time & knowledge. You're an inspiration of the best kind, leading by example.

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  5. It is safe to say that almost everyone is hurting from the 2020 Blues some more than others. Lee Sklar found a way to bring his light to us in a new and different way that we have all enjoyed, learned and laughed at. I welcome a way to tip my hat to the master. Those not willing to be appreciative should frak off or at least have the courtesy to be miserable in silence.
  6. Hey Lee,

    **** the dumb****!
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    Apr 25, 2010
    Hey Lee! Totally digging on your videos man! So cool to just sit and listen to you talk story. Your bass lines are so tasteful and in-the-pocket! Love to listen to you play.