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  1. The reason why European tube makers went bust was because they could not get that Eddie Van Halen Brown Sound that was all the rage from the late 70s onwards. The leading British manufacturers of amplification for mop-tops and prog-rockers reached out to EVH but the early Google Translate of the era translated his request as "I want a brown valve sound" and this is what they came up with.

    "pffft" said Eddie.
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  2. Jay2U

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    The British came with valves instead of tubes. Inflation made them too expensive for export.
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  3. Back then, shipping was charged by the letter. Crucial British mistake.
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  4. Richard Simmons is the moderately less famous brother of Gene Simmons
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  5. Jay2U

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    In the early 70's the Simmons family formed a band. Gene, Richard, Jean and Lily were pretty well known for their country-metal style.
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  6. Meatloaf's career is going down, he's only able to get gigs as Tuesday's Special.
    Even so, as his popularity continues to dip some venues are threatening to take him off the menu entirely.
  7. In Japan, he maintains popularity and commands premium ticket prices as he is billed as Wagyu Meatloaf.
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  8. Jay2U

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    Because of a misunderstanding the first 666 Meatloaf albums were issued with this cover.
  9. Not misinformation (but related, amusing and perhaps not known across the pond): 80s UK band Dexy's Midnight Runners had a hit with their cover of Van Morrison's Jackie Wilson Said. When they appeared on Top of the Pops, for a laugh they persuaded the producer to put up a giant photo of the contemporaneous Scottish darts champion (and copious beer drinker) Jocky Wilson. The BBC feared people wouldn't see the joke, but assume "stupid BBC pop show has never heard of Jackie Wilson and Van Morrison".

    They were right to worry. To this day, it's often quoted as one of those massive TV errors.
  10. MonsterRain


    May 26, 2017
    This is very true and another little known fact is the vicious rivalry the Simmons clan had with the Cowsills.

    Think Peckinpah movies only MORE violent and that only is the tip of the iceberg. Gene began wearing makeup because of scars to his face from scalding hot coffee thrown by Susan Cowsill as he was tied to a post.

    So all you Kiss fans you can thank the rain, the park, other things and the Cowsills for why KISS ever started wearing makeup.

    Gene is prideful and his vitriol toward the Cowsills is such he won’t let them have anything even if it is credit for face paint due to the aforementioned coffee shot.

    Paul had surgery to fix his ear and Gene was to get rid of those painful marks but no surgery took away the echoes of Richard Simmons’ laughter which was why their relationship was severed.

    Richard put his instruments down, put on short shorts and began helping rotund women sweat to oldies music.

    Yep, thank the Cowsills for THAT too.

    I’m working on a book about some of these fantastic music tales if anyone has any interest.
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  11. biguglyman


    Jul 27, 2017
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    The Cowsills were originally called The Lambsills but someone had a beef with that name. They then considered being The Porksills but decided to meat in the middle with the name Cowsills. They had a lot at steak. Their music still moooooves me.
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  12. What was wrong with "Lambsills"? It's not so ba-ah-ah-ah-ad a name.
    Sirloinily, don't have a cow, man ... sheesh ehr Sheep-dip! I herd they were told to flock off at one point, should've held their tongues.

    Maybe it was all a joke and they were just ribbing them. Don't know if any cutting remarks were made, but sounds like a lot of bull — yet another good band-name butchered by somebody pulling the wool over the eyes of others, Alanis wrote a song about it: "Ewe Oughta Know", it did a brisket business and sold a lot of Dollies, clones, er copies...
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  13. In Canada, any musician on the Canadian Walk of Fame is legally allowed to perform surgery.
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  14. -Asdfgh-


    Apr 13, 2010
    When Van Morrison couldn't appear they made up a video with stock footage of a Morrisson's grocery delivery van driving about. This was in around 1977 and was the inspiration for Koyaanisqatsi - Wikipedia.
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  15. Renegade bass

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    Nov 2, 2020
    Suzi Quattro was conceived in a 4 wheel drive German coupe.
  16. I just heard that there are 12 States that want to tax musical notes and double tax every B♭ .
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  17. And yet sharps remain tax-free. There will be lots of sheet music being re-written.

    But the best dodge will be tuning to A=432 as then the taxed notes will be at different frequencies avoiding all taxes.
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  18. Jay2U

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    D'Addario are considering to stop color coding the ball ends of their string sets. This will save them two cents per set.
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  19. pklima

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    May 2, 2003
    Kraków, Polska
    Karoryfer Samples
    On a related note, although self-indulgent soloing is often derided as "wanking", it does keep the ball ends from turning blue.
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  20. These taxes are so high in Britain that the capo was invented by rhythm guitarist and financial accountant Milton Kyser. No use on a 4-string so players moved to an offshore tax haven and advertised for women to come and propagate with UK bassists. How it got the name British Virgin Islands remains an unsolved mystery.
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