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Discussion in 'Rockabilly [DB]' started by winnets, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    2005 Upton Hawkes w/Clef Rev Solo II and med. Superflexibles
    Old Samson VLX wireless
    EBS Microbass II (I double on electric and it helps a lot, plus it's got a great DI)
    dbx 266 compressor
    SWR SM-500
    Tube Works 4 x 10"
  2. Hey, I've got a Shen SB-100. I'm currently renting it from The Loft in Columbus, but there's no question that I'm going to apply my rentals toward purchase of this baby.

    It's a blonde, and it was love at first sight.

    It works really well for bluegrass. I haven't used a pickup yet, but I guess a nice Fishman will do the job when I'm ready.
  3. Dude!

    I've got a Gold Tone White Ladye with a factory-installed pickup. Believe it or not, my Deering Goodtime openback sounds way better when used with an acoustic amp. The Gold Tone sounds tinny when amplified, and the Deering rocks.

    But played acoustically, the Gold Tone has a very nice sound, so I just play it that way and plug in the Deering when amplification is called for.

    I'm continually amazed at the value for the money you get in a Deering banjo.......
  4. '42 Kay M-1 - (Fretwell Bass)
    Innovation Rockabilly Super Silver Slaps
    Revolution Solo II p/u
    Clef HiTech Double Bass Tailgut Hanger
  5. mpoppitt


    Mar 28, 2005
    Austin Texas
    If it's a blonde, than I believe you have what they call a SB-90. If the sticker inside says 100, than you have one of the first few blonde Shens produced. Post a pic, I havn't seen one in person yet.

    Stay away from the Fishman BP-100, I have never heard one sound good. Get a Rev Solo, or Underwood.
  6. It is an SB-100 and it's a gorgeous blonde, and GW's in love.

    I'll post a pic when I get a chance.
  7. clarification, stay away from the Bp-100, but the Fishman Full Circle is pretty well respected, and more $$$$.

    Rev Solo, Underwood or Bassmax = :D :bassist:
  8. Supermain 04

    Supermain 04

    May 11, 2006
    ES-9....Supernils for bluegrass GK 115 MBE III also Fishman BP 100
  9. nate1624


    Feb 11, 2007
    Los Angeles

    Ampeg SVT AV - This is the silver 'vintage' looking SVT Anniversary issue that they made in 06' which is virtually the same as the SVT CL. Tone for days. I played GK's for a long time but even with the Sans Amp Bass Driver D.I., I couldn't quite get that organic warmth. Not to mention that all tube heads tend to have a natural compression to them and tend to smooth and even things out where as with the GK, you hear everything..Also, my musical and stylistic approach 'matured' if you will and Ampeg was the only answer. Not to mention I have almost always recorded with SVT classic heads. To me there are 2 bass heads. The Ampeg SVT Classic and the GK 1001Rb or 800 RB. All the rest just kind of bum me out. Although I do like some Ashdowns that I have heard.


    70's Vintage SVT 810. Rare model, lighter than some, made with the two swivel handles on the back.

    also, for portability etc. I run through a Fender 115 Pro. Just a single 15" that sounds amazing powered by the SVT. 15's have a fatness that I can't get with 10's.


    Sansamp Bass Driver D.I., Boss Bass Chorus, Boss Bass EQ, Electro Harmonix (Russian) Big Muff Pi.


    Mid 90's Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4

    Early model Music Man Sterling 4

    GMP Custom Telebass
  10. lucas vigor

    lucas vigor Inactive

    Sep 2, 2004
    Orange County, Ca,
    Slap king by King Doublebass
    SWR redhead with carvin 18 inch cabinet extension
    K + K rockabilly pickup
    Weedwhackers with Eurosonic E string
    Line 6 bass pod.
  11. I have a Hofner West German Bass with Cleff Gut Strings,
    Underwood Pickup
    GK SBX410
    BOSS TU12H Tuner

    Also have a Roland 60watt Cube practice Amp.
  12. This is my current equipment

    1. urb:
    Engelhardt Swingmaster ES9 - Pirastro Oliv E/A and LaBella Golden Tone D/G - Aubert quality bridge - Planet Wing pickup

    2. urb:
    Hungarian luthier made full carved urb - Clef guts - Despiau quality bridge - Planet Wing pickup

    Mesa Boogie Walkabout

    Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 2x10
    Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1x15

    other stuff:
    D-TAR Solstice blender - Boss TU-2 tuner
  13. deadsled


    Apr 6, 2006
    Greensboro, NC USA
    Endorsing artist: Gallien Krueger, Innovation Strings, Blast Cult Bass
    My rig contains several different first and foremost is:

    Doghouse #1. King Jimbo Wallace prototype w/metal flake flames...used by Jimbo in the Reverend Horton Heat! K&K Rockabilly slap w/K&K Preamp & Innovation Silver Slaps.

    Doghouse #2. King Slapking Blonde w/black trim K&K Rockabilly slap w/K&K preamp & Innovation Silver Slaps.

    Electric #1. 1974 Fender Jazz Sunburst w/pearl blocks and rosewood f/b w/ohsc

    Electric #2. Fender Squire Jaco fretless.

    Amp #1. Ampeg B-15R Portaflex Reissue

    Amp #2. Ampeg 1974-5 V-4B head and Ampeg reissue Anniv 6x10 cab

    Amp #3. Phil Jones Bass Six Pack combo. 500watts driving 6 x 5" speakers! Simply amazing tone!
  14. This is What I am currently using:

    1. urb:
    1923 Wilfer Bass- Obligatos- Tobias Festl Handmade bridge -
    K&K golden trinity mic w/bass max pickup

    2. urb:
    Upton Hybrid Bass - Flex 92's- Full circle Pickup

    a. Pfretschner French Bow W/White Hair

    b. Carbow Carbon Graphite French bow W/Black Hair

    c. Unstamped Pernambuco french bow (backup bow)

    4. EUB: Bill Merchant vertical bass w/ corelli mediums

    5. Amps:
    Walter Woods ca. '91
    Acoustic Image Focus
    Coda2R Combo amp

    EA Wizzy 12
    EA CXL 12

    Electric Basses:

    1968 Fender P
    1996 Carvin Anniversary issue (for sale)
    My homemade custom bass

    other stuff:
    Boss Dr. Beat metronome/tuner

    Oh, BTW, although I occasionally do a Bluegrass gig, it's not my main thing. I just like the equipment that I have.:p
  15. I know its late, but I think I'll give this a go.

    1950 Kay C1 W/Underwood and Thomastik steels
    2007 Upton Hawkes Lam w/Rev solo II and UB blacks, Wittner composite tailpiece & cable.
    95 Fender Jazz (Amer.)
    92 Ibanez SR405
    SWR SM400s
    Hartke Transporter 410
    Crate 410 (box loaded with Ampeg fridge cones)
    Peavy BW115

    I don't play any one style, so depending on the gig I use a different rig.
  16. I've bout got my rig nailed down to where it doesn't change every gig :D

    Bass 1: 2007 Blond Engelhardt gamba swingmaster EG9
    cleff guts
    K&K RAB+ PU

    Bass 2: 2003 Blond Engelhardt Swingmaster ES9
    Innovation Super Silver slap E + A
    Gut string D + G
    K&K RAB+ PU
    (Usually use this bass acoustically)

    Samson Airline Bass Wireless
    Markbass LM2
    Avatar Neo 2x12 blond

    Pitch Pocket HST clip on tuner (this thing works INCREDIBLY well on double bass)
  17. wingnut


    Apr 18, 2007
    Las Vegas Nv.
    My "BIG RIG"
    Eastman bass
    Markbass LMII
    EA CXL 112
    EA Wizzy 112

    My Little rig
    MB LMII and a Wizzy 110
  18. FCCHB (Fully Carved Chinese/Hong Kong Bass) of unknown specific origin
    Obligato solo set tuned standard EADG
    Intellitouch tuner

    C'est tout
  19. BASS- Engle ES1 factory 2nd , cus there's no curly grain on the back, picked it up at the factory , there is no badge inside, but i have paperwerk....
    AMP- Ashdowm Mag600h and an avatar neo 4x10.
    PU-Ryan Hurley "Rocker" in the treble wing
    MISC-fishman platinum pro EQ/DI/hi pass filter, Boss TU2
  20. Strunal 50/2 (Satin Black, Gold Green Scallops)
    Bulletproof Bass Martini Bridge
    Labella Supernils
    RS II
    K&K Clicky with Dual Preamp

    Kustom KBA 100x
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