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"Live" audition

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Depth_Charge, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I have my first live audition at an actual venue, with less than a weeks notice! I received a list of about 50 songs which I can play about half of, and can probably brush another ten or so up before the audition since I've played them live before forgetting them :). The guys said "play as many as you can" so I don't think its a "gig night" as such. No drama's on the song side, they either like what I play the way I play it (which is usually note for note), or they don't.

    I have the option of using their bass rig, or bringing my own rig. I'm not really sure whether to bring my own rig, just bring my ME50B and bass, or just the bass. Any advice on that front? The one time I used a house rig, it was an Aguilar head and cab through my pedalboard, which was a step up from my solid state amp. And, I loved it :)
  2. Sounds like a challenge. Good luck with it.
  3. bluewine

    bluewine Inactive

    Sep 4, 2008
    My advice is never do a live audition.

  4. jive1

    jive1 Commercial User

    Jan 16, 2003
    Owner/Retailer: Jive Sound
    Considering that you can have an audition that wastes your time and leaves you empty handed, one where you get to play out and get paid is the better option if you can pull it off. I've done a couple of live auditions, and I like it. It shows them you can handle the pressure., while showing you what the band is capable in a live situation and the gigs they get.
  5. At the very least, get the key of each song and make some cheat sheets. Winging it is one thing but you don't know what you'll be getting into at a live audition. You have no idea if you'll even be able to hear yourself very well on stage. Carry your own gear and have it in the car just in case the supplied gear is crap. Get to the audition early and do everything you can to hedge your bets. Good luck, it sounds like a hoot!
  6. Use their rig with your bass... and if you get the gig, let them know that your rig is "better" or "worse" (depending on your ear, naturally)
  7. ChrisB2

    ChrisB2 Bass... in your fass

    Feb 27, 2008
    TalkBass > Off Topic
    That sounds like fun! And it sounds like you don't mind plugging in to what's available, so I would just take a bass, a stand, instrument cable, and probably a DI pedal just in case.

    You didn't ask for input on the audition itself, but if it were me I would try to get an actual setlist and see which set I would prefer to play, and ask for that slot. (I'm assuming here that they aren't asking or expecting you to play the entire gig. Will the current bassist be there?) I would not want to commit to play the entire gig (unless I was getting paid!) and would want to come in and play on my best songs...

    Good luck!
  8. duff beer

    duff beer

    Dec 2, 2007
    I'd be leery of joining a band that wants me to audition during a live show. To me, that indicates that they are not overly concerned about making themselves look bad.
  9. bluewine

    bluewine Inactive

    Sep 4, 2008

    That's my take too.

    I have always been suspicious of bands that offer this sort of non- traditional audition.

    I really cant accept any reasons for why a band would do live audition. I don't buy into any of that "they can see fast you can think on your feet" in a live format.

    In some ways, I'm suspicious this band doesn't have a bass player for the gig, and their using you as a no pay sub.

    I'm against it.

  10. bluewine

    bluewine Inactive

    Sep 4, 2008
    Is he getting paid?

    I would ask the band if their bass player will be there and ask specifically why they are doing a live gig audition?

  11. :rolleyes:

    You don't know that he didn't ask these and many other questions. This trend of running half-cocked with incomplete information and filling in blanks with ideas specific to you is tiresome.

    Presumably, he's satisfied with the information he has. He didn't say he was getting paid or expecting to be paid. He's planning on doing this and he seems to be somewhat psyched about it. It could be enjoyable and very telling from both sides, what else about it matters to you?

    Everybody's circumstance isn't the same as yours. I didn't see him ask whether or not anybody thought he should do this or even what people think of the practice. He seemed to me to be posting this partly as a "share" and simply asked for any input on using his own gear...something he probably doesn't really *need* advice on.

    Your advice to never do live auditions is useless and misplaced. Your suspicions, red flags, and willingness to accept the rationale behind it are irrelevant to the op.
  12. Waster


    Nov 24, 2011
    Why doesn't TB have a like button? :hyper:
  13. bluewine

    bluewine Inactive

    Sep 4, 2008
    That's fine, your entitled to your opinion.

    Lots if tbers don't share my opinions.

    Happy New Year

  14. JumboJack


    Dec 31, 2007
    Fixed it for ya....:hyper:
  15. I don't mean to single you nor this situation out, but I disagree with changing someone's words in a quote that is then attributed to them.
  16. Sure. We all have the right to our opinions. We have the right to express them here, so long as we don't break the rules in the process. And we have the right to comment on each others opinions too.

    We can have various reasons for posting our opinions, but when they're posted in the form of advice, the reason would presumably be to help someone by offering them the benefit of your experience.

    Opinions are often presented as facts or as having universal applicability. The thing about opinions is that they can have varying degrees of validity in their bases. Opinions based on wild conjecture combined with experiences and circumstances that are unique to you tend to not be very helpful. They can be particularly unhelpful.

    Context matters.

    Happy New Year!
  17. JumboJack


    Dec 31, 2007
  18. sedan_dad

    sedan_dad Suspended

    Feb 5, 2006
    Just wing it and don't over think it. If you're good enough
    , you can handle it. "Trial by Fire".
  19. Are you getting paid for this 'live audition / gig"? If yes, then bring what makes you feel and sound best. If not, then I suggest limiting the 'pain of schlepp' factor and have them bring you the heavy back line. Just brink the really light stuff you can easily carry. What bass rig would they provide for you, and how does it compare to what you have?

    (It's not an audition for this gig, as you've already been accepted for it. It's an audition for future projects. But for this gig, you're working, so IMHO you should get some money for it.)
  20. ChrisB2

    ChrisB2 Bass... in your fass

    Feb 27, 2008
    TalkBass > Off Topic
    Yeah, well, when you're heapin' on old Blue, anything goes.

    You new around Band Management??? :p
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