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Live Concert right now..Deep Tones for Peace

Discussion in 'Bassists [DB]' started by fibrefem, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. fibrefem


    Jan 13, 2009

    Right now (12:25 EST) there is a live concert of bass players that is being broadcast via the internet (see link above) via New York and Israel...

    Its focus is peace in the middle east...

    an amazing project...
  2. DrKagemusha


    Jan 14, 2008
  3. Here's the program, if you don't want to download the pdf from their site:


    International Broadcast from Jerusalem and NYC

    Live Hosts
    Hama'abada, The Jerusalem Performing Arts Lab:
    Eyal Hareuveni, Kadima Collective, Journalist for All About Jazz
    Manhattan School of Music: Dean Leslie, Presidential Attaché and Arts
    for Peace Program Director, World
    Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows
    CUE Art Foundation: Joel Chadabe, President, Electronic Music Foundation
    Opening Addresses
    William Parker, Bassist and Composer
    H.E. Dr. Ibne Hassan, Vice President, World Association of Former
    United Nations Internes and Fellows
    on behalf of Dr. Hope P. White-Davis, President
    Mark Dresser (USA) and Sarah Weaver (USA)

    Sarah Weaver is a composer, conductor, and improviser specializing in
    experimental music forms for large
    ensemble. She is on the Board of Directors of the International
    Society for Improvised Music.

    Mark Dresser is an internationally acclaimed bass player, improviser,
    composer, interdisciplinary
    collaborator, and Professor of Music, UC San Diego. He has recorded
    over one hundred recordings
    including nearly thirty CDs as a soloist, band-leader and co-leader.

    Full Bass Ensemble:
    SLM by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver, co-composers and co-conductors

    SLM is the triconsonantal root of many words that translate to "peace"
    in several Semitic languages. These
    words include "Shalom" in Hebrew, "Salaam" in Arabic, "Sliem" in
    Maltese, "Salaamata" in Afar, "Selam" in
    Amharic, and "Shlama" in Aramaic.

    SLM for telematic bass ensemble, utilizes a form developed by Sarah
    Weaver and Mark Dresser, that
    translates metaphor into specific musical materials. These materials
    are modulated through the
    conducted language, Soundpainting.

    SLM was written for Deep Tones for Peace and will be premiered at this event.
    Barre Phillips (USA/France)
    Internationally acclaimed jazz and free improvisational bassist,
    active since the 60's. Acknowledged as
    recording the very first solo bass album.

    Solo Bass:
    Untitled by Barre Phillips
    Henry Grimes (USA)
    The celebrated Jazz bassist - one of the most in demand musicians of
    the 50's and 60's re-emerged in
    2002. Awarded Musician of the Year, All About Jazz, 2003.

    Solo Bass:
    Deeply Peaceful by Henry Grimes
    background image
    Chi-chi Nwanoku (UK)
    Professor of Double Bass Historical Studies at The Royal Academy of
    Music and Professor of Double Bass at
    Trinity College of Music in London

    Solo Bass:
    Sarabande, Minuet 1 & 2, and Gigue from Cello Suite No. 1 by J.S. Bach
    Bert Turetzky (USA)
    Pioneer contemporary music bassist has commissioned, performed and
    recorded more than 300
    compositions. http://music.ucsd.edu/people/people.php?cmd=fm_music_directory_detail&query_Full_Na

    Solo Bass and Poetry:
    1. Neruda - poetry by David Henderson, music by Bert Turetzky
    2. Sun Ra Suite - poetry by Sun Ra, music by Bert Turetzky
    3. London Onion - text by Kurt Schwitters, music by Bert Turetzky
    David Phillips (USA)
    A bassist for all occasions, leading his adventurous jazz quartet
    Freedance, performing in the trio led by
    accordionist Will Holshouser, or holding forth in a chamber orchestra
    or anchoring a World Music band.

    Solo Bass:
    1. The Children's Call
    2. The Olive Tree
    3. Two in One
    by David Phillips
    William Parker (USA)
    Internationally acclaimed master musician, improviser, and composer.
    He plays the bass, shakuhachi,
    double reeds, tuba, donso ngoni and gembri.

    Full Bass Ensemble:
    Invocation (Peace) by William Parker

    "We are peace whatever we say and do is peace.
    All the sound we make is peace"
    Invocation is written for multiple basses.
    Part one is a mantra based on the sentiment.
    Lord have me-rcy Lord have me-rcy
    Peace in this life Peace in this life
    The second part.
    There are five parts of rhythmic/melodic parts which can be played
    in or out of time
    I was thinking about the holy lands of the world.
    background image
    J.C. Jones (Israel)
    An esteemed music educator and performer. He has performed and
    recorded with many international
    and Israeli musicians, dancers, poets and vocal artists.

    Full Bass Ensemble:
    Twelve Deep Tones for Joëlle by J.C. Jones
    Dedicated to Joëlle Léandre
    J.C. Jones (Israel)

    Solo Bass:
    Equations by J.C. Jones
    Thierry Barbé (France)
    Co-principal bass at the Paris Opera Orchestra, teaches at the
    National Paris Superior Conservatory of
    Music. http://www.contrebasse.com/en/classique/thierry-barbe.html

    Solo Bass and Tape:
    Interogations by Thierry Barbé
    Pôles and Tropiques (with tape) by Thierry Barbé
    Sarabande 5e Suite by J.S. Bach
    Barre Phillips (USA/France)

    Full Bass Ensemble:
    What can we make? by Barre Phillips
    Irina-Kalina Goudeva (Bulgaria/Denmark)
    The bassist and singer crosses over between music from the renaissance
    and baroque to modern tango,
    jazz and electro acoustic music.
    http://www.ikana.info www.julia_tsenova.tripod.com www.samfundet.dk

    Solo Bass and Voice:
    Menada for voice and double bass - by Julia Tzenova, Bulgaria
    Gaba'im - for voice and double bass * by Rachel Yatzkan,
    Danmark/Israel, text Yehonadav Perlman -
    world premiere, written especially for the event- Translations from
    Hebrew: Orit Perlman

    Prayer to the moon
    Two-Backed .
    Oh the beauty!
    Front and back you made me
    Oh the wonder
    Male and female created me
    Light of the Shkhinah* upon me
    Two-faced created me
    Still a star whispers
    Sawed and crafted me
    What on my face hovers

    Prayer to the Sun
    My elbows
    Bless you shining one
    And little
    As you sink, dissipate
    On wing of your dawn
    The voice will come
    Line to line will drawn
    Joint of ankle
    By budding sea
    Hung with hundreds
    Of Bells
    Scattered on Wind
    * Female manifestation of God Tom Innocence Tehom Abyss
    background image
    Mark Dresser (USA)
    An internationally acclaimed bass player, improviser, composer,
    interdisciplinary collaborator, and
    Professor of Music, UC San Diego. He has recorded over one hundred
    recordings including nearly thirty
    CDs as a soloist, band-leader and co-leader.

    Solo Bass:
    Transmission for the Days by Mark Dresser
    Bacachaonne by Mark Dresser
    Michael Klinghoffer (Israel)
    Teaches double bass and is the Associate Music Director of the Academy
    Chamber Orchestra at the
    Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

    Solo Bass:
    Meditation on J.S. Bach, Flute Partita, arranged by Michael Klinghoffer
    1. Allemande
    2. Courante
    3. Sarabande
    4. Bouree Angloise
    Trevor Dunn (USA)
    Currently plays in various projects under the direction of John Zorn,
    Curtis Hasselbring's New Mellow
    Edwards, Fantomas, various groups with harpist Shelley Burgon, his own
    groups Trio-Convulsant, and Proof

    Solo Bass:
    Untitled by Trevor Dunn

    Barre Phillips (USA) and David Phillips (USA)

    Duo Bass:
    Untitled by Barre Phillips and David Phillips
    Lindsey Horner (USA)
    Renowned in jazz, modern, and Irish music, he has recorded and
    performed with artists such as Greg
    Osby, Bill Frisell, Bobby Previte, Dave Douglas and Muhal Richard
    Abrams, Susan McKeown, Johnny
    Cunningham, and Andy Irvine.

    Solo Bass:
    O'Carolan's Draught by Turlough O'Carolan, variations by Lindsay Horner
    Barre Phillips (USA/France)

    Full Bass Ensemble:
    How can it work? by Barre Phillips
  4. jsbarber


    Jun 7, 2005
    San Diego
    This concert is still going on, and based on the program Jeremy posted above, it seems like it should go on for about another hour. [Edit: I think this is going to gon on quite a bit longer than another hour, there is a lot of the program still left... They just started a 15minute intermission]
    [Edit again. It's still going - 1:35pm pacific. They're taking the last intermission right now, and then Mark Dresser will be playing (and others after him...)]
  5. pibroch


    Jan 28, 2006
    Only just saw this. Oh the irony: the two nations whose governments are perpetrating a now 60 year old ethnic cleansing program in Palestine co-hosted a peace-wank for the Middle East. And understandably not an Arabic musician to be found. Shameful and embarrassing.

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