Looking For 32" Scale Tapewounds

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  1. I have just purchased a Squier VM Tele bass. It is built on a 32" scale
    I want to use tapes on it but have not been able to locate a set yet. Does anyone know a way to modify (shorten ) a set made to the 34" scale? Thanks & take care. Bob
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    D'Addario medium scale = 34" winding
    La Bella medium scale = 34" winding
    Rotosound medium scale = 34" winding

    All readily available if you go to the right place.

    Long Scale strings on tapes are between 36.25" and 37" windings
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    If you used long scale strings on a short or medium scale bass, they will not be pulled to the proper tension, and they will sound flabby. It is critical to get the strings made for your scale.

    I have several medium scale basses and buy my strings from www.bassstringsonline.com - huge selection, great prices and service. No, I don't work there, just a happy customer. I understand you want tapewounds - if they exist, they will have them.