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looking for the right string

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by thebassbass, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. i have a 70's E.H. Roth i am going to fit with a new bridge. and would like to get a new set of strings so i could fit them to the bridge. right now it has spirocores on it that aren't that old. i just think there is something better for this bass. right now it is between Evah Pirazzis, Jazzers, and Permanents. i have a different bass with guts for that old school sound and am looking for differet in this bass. i will mostly play pizz very very little arco on this bass. and need a string that will have nice volume as i play alot of acoustic settings and still sound good. if there is another string that you think might work better please let me know. thank you
  2. What do you dislike in the Spirocores?
    This will help us to better help you.

    That said, the Jazzers are in the same ballpark as the Spiros, so I'm not sure it's a real alternative.
    T-I Superflexibles are more different from Spiros than Jazzers, IMO.
  3. it is no so much that i dislike the Spirocores thay sound ok. most of it i think is that i haven't had any other string on it sence i got it and i think i can get a better sound. i just played it some and it is mostly the G and D i think could sound better. but it could also be the bridge looking for more of a growl out of them. the E and the A have it but it is to bright for me.

    edit:i have been playing the bass all night and the A string has grown on me a lot. i think it might be the bridge, i am going to get the new bridge fitted before i get new strings. still don't like the G much at all

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